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Alex Jones is pissed off at Glenn Beck!

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  • Alex Jones is pissed off at Glenn Beck!

    Glenn Beck's Shtick? Alex Jones Got There First

    Long before he inadvertently brought an end to a popular sitcom by hosting last week’s mega-viral interview with Charlie Sheen, talk-radio host Alex Jones established himself as a giant in America’s conspiracy subculture. The godfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement, Jones is the most popular chronicler of what he believes is a New World Order plot to enslave the global population.

    Meet Alex Jones, the Talk Radio Host Behind Charlie Sheen's Crazy Rants

    Until recently, he was a lonely and little-known voice in the short wave and Internet radio wilderness. But as his audience has grown, other talk show hosts have taken notice — and cues. Among his most ardent imitators is Glenn Beck, whom Jones has accused of stealing his ideas, guests, and research. Last week, Jones posted a video clip on his site, InfoWars, offering evidence of this theft.

    "He rips me off and spins the information, often injecting lies into the truth,' says Jones"
    That quote is freaking awesome! Alex Jones is calling Glenn beck a liar, that's priceless. :)

    Read the whole story at Rolling Stone - very entertaining.

    Jones also has this video:

    |TG-X| mp40x

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    Re: Alex Jones is pissed off at Glenn Beck!

    Its like watching two schoolgirls having a slap fight over a My Little Pony lunch-box.
    Do or do not, there is no try....
    -- Yoda, Dagobah


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      Re: Alex Jones is pissed off at Glenn Beck!

      Alex Jones is a real entertainer. Glenn Beck just tries.

      Hand pounding hand, sinister page rustling, yelling outside globalist conferences, and (@1:40) "I even dream about this information. When I'm asleep." Oh, and "Beck is like orange juice. With cyanide." Classic. :-)

      "The true genius shudders at incompleteness - and usually prefers silence to saying
      something which is not everything it should be." — Edgar Allan Poe


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        Re: Alex Jones is pissed off at Glenn Beck!

        Both are jokes but I'm glad that someone called out Glenn Beck's arguments as not even original.




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