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Netanyahu vs Obama (Or, right-wing Zionism vs the world - except the US Congress)

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  • Netanyahu vs Obama (Or, right-wing Zionism vs the world - except the US Congress)

    I'm mostly using Glenn Greenwald's blog - entitled Great American Patriots - for reference to something that happened the other day, that quite frankly, pissed me off.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in front of a joint sesion of Congress the other day, and the results were astonishing to me.

    A Disgusting Lovefest

    When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress in a joint session on May 24 it gave the right-wing extremist Israeli leader 29 standing ovations—four more than it even gave Barack Obama in his State of the Union address earlier this year.

    It was a disgusting love fest, devoid of any understanding of reality or appreciation of U.S. interests in the region. Despite the numerous lies and distortions that filled the speech, members of Congress were racing one another to stand, smile, and declare their loyalty to the Zionist state.
    That's right, a foreign leader of an oppressive government received more standing ovations from our Congress than our own president. Or as Greenwald put it:

    Indeed, according to ABC News, Netanyahu received more standing ovations from the U.S. Congress (29) than the U.S. President did the last time he spoke (25); all of the ones Netanyahu received were from the super-patriots of the GOP caucus (and most from the Democratic caucus as well), whereas those right-wing patriots joined in only a small fraction of the ones received by their own country's President.

    What makes this more remarkable still is that this foreign leader whom they were cheering so boisterously and continuously just completed a public, ugly conflict with the American leader and has a long record of demonstrated indifference to American interests; yet the super-patriots of the American Right sided so brazenly and publicly with this foreign leader over their own country's President. Meanwhile, both political parties in Congress are in a frantic competition to see which one can lavish Netanyahu with more obsequious praise.......For his part, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ran to AIPAC to undercut (and rebuke) his own President and the leader of his own party on Israel, something that -- as Andrew Sullivan correctly observed -- would be inconceivable on any foreign policy issue other than Israel.
    Here's just a few excerpts from Netanyahu's speech:

    Our Congress - Democrat and Republican alike - standing there cheering in complete solidarity for a foreign leader who's further to the right than Dick Cheney on steroids is nothing short of a national disgrace, in my opinion.

    It illustrates the complete strangle hold that Israel and their powerful lobby (AIPAC) has over our political system and our judgement, which degrades our moral standing in the world. Just look at the article AIPAC has on the front page of their website:

    Thousands of AIPAC Activists Ascend Capitol Hill to Lobby

    In a resounding show of support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, thousands of AIPAC Policy Conference delegates from all 50 states ascended Capitol Hill on Tuesday to conduct more than 500 lobbying meetings with members of Congress and their staff. At the top of the lobbying agenda was U.S. security assistance to Israel – the most tangible expression of American support for the Jewish state.
    To think of all we've done for Israel, and we get little or no cooperation at all from them, in fact, their Prime Minister scoffs at our president while the US Congress cheers him on. We provide them with unprecedented economic, diplomatic, and military aid -more than any other country in the world

    The weapons that kill Palestinians are made in the U.S. and paid for by the U.S. treasury. The funds that build the settlements that dispossess the Palestinians, and aid the settlers that daily brutalize them are sent by America. The vetoes that shield Israel from any enforcement of international law or condemnation of its war crimes and illegal acts are American. In short, the entity that perpetuates the suffering of the Palestinians and aids and abets the Israeli crimes perpetrated against them is the U.S. led and cheered on by the U.S. Congress.

    Since 1967, American taxpayers have provided over $178 Billion in direct military and economic aid to Israel plus tens of billions of dollars of unpaid loans, ultimately forgiven by Congress, to settle American Jewish colonists and Russian Jews in Palestinian lands. During the same period the U.S. has cast 42 vetoes in the United Nations Security Council to shield Israel from adhering to international law or to cover its war crimes. Successive administrations, Republican and Democrat alike, have given Israel the most advanced weaponry in American’s arsenal- some even denied to its NATO allies, including some that have been internationally prohibited.
    We've discussed Israel in these forums before, but this latest incident has me disgusted.

    My take on Israel: I believe they have a right to exist and to be recognized as a sovereign nation. And if their existence as a nation was in jeopardy, we should come to their aid, even militarily if necessary. But, any further foreign aid should be contingent upon a two state solution and peace with the Palestinians.

    In reality, the US has been supporting a coercive, apartheid-like, occupying military police state for far to long - commonly known as the Israeli military occupation. The very thought of a "Jewish State" - excluding those who are not Jewish - is racist and morally repugnant, and should go against everything the US is supposed to stand for. Of Course, in the halls of Congress, I'm sure they'll tell you a different story.
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    Re: Netanyahu vs Obama (Or, right-wing Zionism vs the world - except the US Congress)

    From a foreign point of view, it did seem odd that he received so many standing ovations, it was as if he had raised a point, regardless of what he said, they would have stood up and clapped.

    The only way peace will occur in that region is if they can discuss the 1967 lines. That is simply the only way. The Palestinians and the elected government will never step down on that and that will mean continued fighting unfortunately.

    Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning.
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      Re: Netanyahu vs Obama (Or, right-wing Zionism vs the world - except the US Congress)

      Originally posted by NorthPlum View Post
      regardless of what he said, they would have stood up and clapped.




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