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A startling example of bad parenting

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  • A startling example of bad parenting

    From CBS News:

    Cops: Couple left baby in hot car at strip club

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Police have arrested two people after finding a one-year-old child in the back seat of a car at a strip club.

    When police arrived, the child was crying and soaked in sweat, according to the arrest record reported by WLKY-TV.

    The child's mother, Laura DiPrimo, ran out of the club, started the car and rolled down the rear window. The child's father, Thomas Lee, followed. He was wearing a home incarceration bracelet from Clark County, Ind.

    Both said they had been drinking, according to the arrest report.

    Police say the child is doing fine and was placed in the custody of a relative.

    DiPrimo and Lee were charged with wanton endangerment.
    Unbelievable right, but there's more:

    Police said Lee complained the back seat of the cruiser was hot as he was transported to jail.
    This douchebag has the audacity to complain to the police that it's too hot in the back of the police car on his way to jail? Are you freaking kidding me?
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    Re: A startling example of bad parenting

    At least the child survived. Here in Clarksville, TN, approximately two years ago we had a woman leave her infant in the car (during the summer, naturally) while she went inside a bar to tip back some brewskis or whatever. Child died, internal temperature at time of death was later determined to be 140 degrees. Baked the baby alive.

    Or how about the shining example of parenting a few months ago in Colorado Springs. Woman leaves her two children in the bathtub in a small amount of water to run to the store to buy some cigs and whatever else. The two-year-old fiddles with the faucet to get the water running again and turns on the hot water full blast. Toddler gets out, of course. The smaller child cannot, dies of scalding. Police later describe the ring of skin left around the tub.

    Chills my heart to know kids out there die in horrible ways every day due to neglect, abuse, or predatory actions. I do my best with my own, that's all anyone can really do.


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      Re: A startling example of bad parenting

      Were I work at for 911, we probable get a call like this once a week. It goes on way more than is reported in the news. You usually only hear abour it if the child died.


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        Re: A startling example of bad parenting

        And yet, the biggest reason there are such bad parents is that the children of such bad parents survive... hmm


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          Re: A startling example of bad parenting

          Off topic, but semi related:

          On topic:

          I hope that was the best strip club ever - because where he's going... well.. you all know.




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