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Sheriff's deputy shot dead, wife goes into labor

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  • Sheriff's deputy shot dead, wife goes into labor

    *** CONTENT REMOVED - Copying news articles from external sites and re-posting the full article is a copyright violation.

    Very sad I hope the mother and child pull through.

    EDIT // forgot the link
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    Re: Sheriff's deputy shot dead, wife goes into labor

    Sad story. The officer killed was also a US Marine and Iraq War veteran.

    This incident would have been a perfect example of a situation where using the SWAT team would have been appropriate. From the Article:

    Knoxboro is a tiny rural crossroads in the town of Augusta, a farming community of 2,000 residents about 30 miles southeast of Syracuse.
    The community is so small and rural they probably don't even have SWAT.

    I don't think I've ever heard a story of a woman going into labor immediately after getting tragic news like that.

    Sheriff's spokesman Lt. James McCarthy told the Observer-Dispatch the couple has one child together, and that the deputy's wife, named in the report as Lauren, went into labor with the couple's second child upon hearing her husband had been shot.
    Edit: As a matter of fact, I do remember something similar to this story. Last year in Tampa, FL - I lived there for quite a few years - two Tampa Police officers were murdered in cold blood during a routine traffic stop. They caught the cop killer, but anyway, one of the murdered officer's wife also went into labor right after the shooting.

    Kocab and Curtis both died at Tampa General Hospital. Curtis's family kept his body on life support for several hours so his organs could be donated, police said.

    Kocab left behind a wife who was nine months pregnant. She went into labor just a few hours after her husband died, said Mayor Iorio.
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      Re: Sheriff's deputy shot dead, wife goes into labor

      Intense stress of any type can induce early labor. I specifically remember the doctor stating as such to my wife during one of her late-term appointments.




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