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US ally, Pakistan, implicated in 2008 Mumbai Massacre

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  • US ally, Pakistan, implicated in 2008 Mumbai Massacre

    I used the term ally because that's what the US government is still calling those cutthroat bastards in Islamabad.

    Does anyone really believe that they didn't know Bin Laden was hiding out there? The other day, we apparently killed another Al Qaeda Leader in Pakistan, and just yesterday a group of Taliban fighters. It seems obvious they're playing both side - except to the US government - and have been since 9/11.

    Still we continue to give them billions of dollars.

    From CNN:

    Since 9/11, a decade ago, Washington has given the government of Pakistan more than $20 billion in aid. Two- thirds of that has gone to the military to fight the war on terror. The other third, about $6 billion, has gone for development of Pakistan's civilian economy and society.
    I really doubt that "$6 billion, has gone for development of Pakistan's civilian economy and society." More like it went into their nuclear weapons program, which is apparently prospering.

    From the Herald Sun:

    THE nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan has accelerated sharply in the past year, with both countries increasing their weapons stockpile, a new report warns.

    The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates both countries have increased their nuclear arsenals by up to a third, and that the tense neighbours were "expanding their capacity to produce fissile material for military purposes", the report issued by the institute yesterday reveals.

    "India and Pakistan continue to develop new ballistic and cruise missile systems capable of delivering nuclear weapons," it says in its 2011 year book, released yesterday.
    Great, it's good to know we're supporting a nuclear arms race in Asia.

    What people tend to forget is that the Pakistani government has long been a supporter of the Taliban. They used them to hedge against their real enemy, India.

    During the 1990s, then, Pakistan supported the rise of the Taliban, for several reasons: to restore order in what had become a chaotic country, to promote an Islamist ally that would sympathize with Pakistan over Kashmir and thus resist Indian influence, to establish a secure road network across Afghanistan to link Pakistan with newly independent Central Asia (thus benefiting the politically powerful Pakistani trucking industry), and even to extend Pakistani influence across Afghanistan into Central Asia. The Pakistani military and security services also believed that having an ally in Afghanistan would give Pakistan “strategic depth” in any future confrontation with India (though precisely what this meant and how it would work were ill-defined and poorly thought out). Source.
    Hell, the Taliban even said at one time they would support Pakistan if war broke out between them and India.

    From the Weekly Standard:

    Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban who is accused of being behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, said he'd back the government if war breaks out with India. Baitullah promised the Taliban would to send "thousands of our well-armed militants" and hundreds of suicide bombers to Pakistan's eastern border with India "to fight alongside the army if any war is imposed on Pakistan." He also said the suicide bombers are being equipped with their suicide vests.

    Baitullah's call to support the military validates the long-standing Pakistani strategy of establishing strategic depth--supporting the Taliban and jihadi groups--to oppose India.
    But now on to the latest news:

    This report is part of a ProPublica and PBS FRONTLINE investigation.

    The United States has indicted seven suspects in the three-day string of terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 and a follow-up plot in Denmark. The attacks killed 166 people and wounded 308. Because six of the dead were U.S. citizens, federal prosecutors and the FBI are required by law to pursue an investigation.

    On May 23, a Chicago immigration consultant, Tahawwur Rana, went on trial in Chicago federal court on charges of material support of terrorism. The trial has attracted worldwide attention because, for the first time, details about the alleged terror connections of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) are being brought to light in a U.S courtroom. Several of the alleged masterminds of the Mumbai attacks have been linked to the ISI. Though the U.S. has long suspected elements of the ISI of working with terrorist groups, those concerns have been downplayed because Pakistan is a key ally in the fight against terrorism.
    See, the US had to prosecute this case because the law requires it when US citizens are killed, but I'm sure they'd rather this story just went away. Oh, but then there's the testimony, even more damning.

    A confessed Pakistani-American terrorist took the stand in a Chicago courtroom on Monday and described a close alliance between Pakistan's intelligence service and the Lashkar-i-Taiba terrorist group, alleging that Pakistani officers recruited him and played a central role in planning the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
    There's simply too much information to post, but the details of Pakistan's support, coordination, and involvement in the Mumbai attack are very detailed. Read the full articles, excellent reporting.
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