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"Trolling the Stream" - Proposed Law May Harm Gamers Hardcore

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  • "Trolling the Stream" - Proposed Law May Harm Gamers Hardcore

    For those who enjoy being able to go watch others play various games / tournaments, or have ever 'streamed' a game that you were playing to let others see that 'voodoo that you do' so well take a moment to read this article about a proposed law in the US congress that would impose both civil and criminal liability on anyone who would choose to stream.

    Originally posted by UltraDavid (for

    David “UltraDavid” Graham (for explains why, if bill S.978 passes, you could be jailed for streaming video games, or even uploading them to youtube;

    The United States Senate is in the process of considering bill S.978, a bill “To amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright,” or as you might know it, the Anti-Streaming Bill. There’s been some discussion about what it really means and how it would affect stuff we care about, so I’d like to clear everything up. To be blunt, if passed it would pretty significantly reconfigure American copyright law in ways that could honestly really hurt internet culture in general and our video game communities specifically...

    Full Article:
    In short it looks like the movie / television / recording industry as a whole wrote this bill, but the side effects of vaguely written law may come down like a proverbial ban hammer on the rest of us as well!

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    Re: "Trolling the Stream" - Proposed Law May Harm Gamers Hardcore

    I watched a video by David I believe on his Youtube channel. I e-mailed my congress person and signed up for their newsletter on his site. I am worried as both a let's player and a let's play watcher. I enjoy watching my friend's stream when I'm not able to play and I enjoy making movies myself. It's a nice idea this bill but with poor implementation. I'm not against the intent of the bill just the fallout and we all should work together to protect our favorite interest.




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