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Afghanistan: The Battle for Helmand

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  • Afghanistan: The Battle for Helmand

    A superb documentary by the BBC aired a couple of weeks ago, explaining the chaos of the British insertion into Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and the professionalism of the British soldier and heart. It follows British people and their soul and way, representing our beautiful way - but yet caught up once again in the absolute squalor of the Old Boy’s Network and ‘ruling class’, Politics and Politicians, and World War One like Generalship and classes.

    Please note this documentary follows real war with real-life footage, and therefore should have parental guidance for children.

    I have waited and continued to search for a high quality version, since it aired but alas so far this is the best. It is good anyway and I thank the original poster, recognising its length being problematic for loading quality. I thank the poster too because, well, that is better explained below.

    On a personal note I think this shows perfectly the beauty of heart, soul, way and mind of the British person; what we represent to ourselves and what we believe is our greatest gift to the world as it is beauty and humanity. However, it also shows perfectly to the point of personal apoplexy at the snide movement of politicians to lure my people via classic poopooing anything but their way through Media, long-term Agenda and Mantra. In effect trying to sleep the masses into doing their will. Add the Old Boy’s Network and its infiltration of the ruling classes and Government, and the yet again to apoplexy the Business, return to World War One type leadership via ‘ruling class’ and Generalship. The absolute disregard of the British people and their way – nay, even to purport our way as the reason – by those who are our horror, and thus to the world, leaves me speechless; struggling for the right words. I beg your pardon for this.

    Thus. This documentary instantly moved to my heart. It explains it all itself.

    On another note, it is with thanks to the United States you people protected mine and resolved the atrocity created by some of mine – who never did represent our way. I thank you for noting our beautiful way and the protection of not only my people but the Afghanistanian. You showed your beauty. I am honoured, humbled, and forever your ally and friend.

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