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Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

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  • Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

    So I'm sitting on TeamSpeak with Jeepo and he's looking through jobs. He came across one but apparently didn't qualify due to the requirement that he speak fluent Mexican. Warlab quickly commented that he should apply and say that while he may not speak fluent Mexican, maybe Spanish would suffice?

    For those of you more qualified than Jeepo and have the gift of speaking fluent Mexican, the salary is negotiable, but it is located in Belfast, Ireland.

    I assume this won't last very long, so I grabbed a screenshot too;

    via []
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    Re: Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

    In addition to Spanish Jeepo is going to need to know these:

    Nahuatl (Nahualt, Nahuat, Nahual, Melatahtol)
    Yucatec Maya (Maaya t'aan)
    Mixtec (Tu'un sávi)
    Zapotec (Binizaa)
    Tzeltal Maya (K'op o winik atel)
    Tzotzil Maya (Batsil k'op)
    Otomí (Hñä hñü)
    Totonac (Tachihuiin)
    Mazatec (Ha shuta enima)
    Ch'ol (Mayan) (Winik)
    Huastec (Téenek)
    Chinantec (Tsa jujmí)
    Mixe (Ayüük)
    Mazahua (Jñatho)
    Tarascan (P'urhépecha)
    Tlapanec (Me'phaa)
    Tarahumara (Rarámuri)
    Amuzgo (Tzañcue)
    Chatino (Cha'cña)
    Tojolab'al (Tojolwinik otik)
    Popoluca (Zoquean) (Tuncápxe)
    Chontal de Tabasco (Yokot t'an)
    Huichol (Wixárika)
    Mayo (Yoreme)
    Tepehuán (O'dam)
    Trique (Tinujéi)
    Cora (Naáyarite)
    Popoloca (Oto-manguean)
    Huave (Ikoods)
    Cuicatec (Nduudu yu)
    Yaqui (Yoreme)
    Tepehua (Hamasipini)
    Pame (Xigüe)
    Mam (Qyool)
    Chontal de Oaxaca (Slijuala sihanuk)
    Tacuate (Mixtec de Santa María Zacatepec) (Tu'un Va'a)
    Chichimeca jonaz (Úza)
    Guarijío (Warihó)
    Chocho (Runixa ngiigua)
    Pima Bajo (Oob No'ok)
    Q'eqchí (Q'eqchí)
    Lacandón (Hach t'an)
    Jakaltek (Poptí) (Abxubal)
    Matlatzinca/Ocuilteco (Tlahuica)
    Seri (Cmiique iitom)
    Paipai (Jaspuy pai)
    Cucapá (Kuapá)
    Mototzintleco (Qatok)
    Kumiai (Ti'pai)
    Pápago (O'odham)
    Kikapú (Kikapoa)
    Cochimí (Laymón, mti'pá)
    Kiliwa (Ko'lew)



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      Re: Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

      Due to my location, I can do a pretty good Mexican accent... Think I should apply?


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        Re: Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

        I think I can do some mexican. just add "gringo", "orale" and "guey" in there and is all good.


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          Re: Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

          Damn Im not qualified since i cant speak Ch'ol (Mayan) (Winik).

          I shouldve paid more attention in school.

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            Re: Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

            What the blap? Looks like half the languages aren't known outside of most academic corridors. Even then, not "fluently".

            Oh Jeepo, you should have applied and said you speak "Mexican" in addition to "Spanish". :D

            :/ Too bad Klingon wasn't a requirement...
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              Re: Native Mexican Speakers - Customer Service

              I can SOMEWHAT see this by the fact that while Mexicans speak Spanish, they speak a different dialect of Spanish from academic spanish or Spain Spanish. Same words, but they chop the ends off, or they have their own slang in place of your stilted academic spanish, etc.

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