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911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

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  • 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

    Sitting here watching the coverage of the 10th anniversary of 911 and it seems like yesterday. Hard to believe it's 10 years. I suppose the 10 year mark is always significant for anything in life. Most everyone here is old enough to remember that day.

    The hours I worked and my commute to my previous employer required me to be on the road around 5:30AM. So right around the time the first plane hit, I was listening to Howard Stern live on the radio, who was not on satellite at the time. I thought he was joking when they started talking about a plane hitting the Tower. It wasn't until I got into work did we turn on a television and see and understand the full impact of what happened.

    I didn't personally know anyone who was killed in the towers but I visited the Towers many, many times. My brother lived in NYC for years and ever time I'd visit we would usually go to the Observation Deck of the WTC. It was the best view in the city especially if you wanted to see all of lower Manhattan which is like a maze. Going out on to the roof was quite an experience which you could only do weather permitting. One year I also worked a company event at the base of Tower two.

    I can't even imagine the people who were trapped on the floors above the planes hitting. To think there were people in the Observation Deck trying to get away from the smoke or sitting up there is not a pleasant thought. Watching it on TV or the History Channel is one thing but it really hits home when you've actually been up to the top of those buildings.
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    Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

    My father is alive and well. But 10 years ago today, he woke up early, and headed to Washington National Airport, to fly on United Airlines to Dallas on an FAA business trip. He landed safely, but now that I am old enough to understand what happened this day, I realize how different things could have gone.

    10 years ago, my mom woke up and told my dad “if you don’t hurry up, you are going to miss your flight.” I was 7 years old, and I woke up at 7:30 to play video games before going to school for my 2nd grade class.

    When my mom got word of the attacks, she was struck with fear that my father might be gone forever. Co-workers walked by her office, one asked where my father is. She said she didn’t know.

    My father on the other hand, had no idea what was going on. There was a short announcement on the plane, but were not informed until the plane touched down. Someone saw his FAA badge and started asking questions. He didn’t know. People, all through the plane started asking him questions. He was practically mobbed as he got of the plane. The airport was in chaos, and more and more people noticed his badge. To escape the crowds, he headed up to the air traffic control tower, flashing his badge, and he saw something he would never see again: the radar was blank. There were no planes in the sky as the FAA rushed to ground them.

    I was only 7, so I can't claim to remember it that well. But it has been a quick 10 years.


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      Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

      I was at Fort Bragg, NC working in a U.S. Army facility - active duty. What a mess getting home that day and the next day we locked down the post, so the lines to get in were hours long. Didn't even get to the office Sept 12 as it was a cluster.


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        Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

        Jr year of highschool, in 1st period English. Someone turned on the tv and we spent the rest of that class just watching. Just shook my head and told a companion who was up and up on world affairs like me, "Here it starts."

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          Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

          I was sitting in 30th AG Bn at Ft. Benning, GA. All we heard were rumors. We were insulated from the true magnitude of that day.

          I did not witness the event that shaped the course of a eight years of my life.


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            Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

            I was eight years old. It was mid-afternoon. My mum had come to school to pick me and my brother up, and another parent waiting for the children to come out asked her if she'd heard the news of what was going on in New York. We rushed home and turned on the television, just in time to see one of the towers collapse (I think it was the first). My mum phoned my dad, who was at work, and told him "Get to a TV". I don't remember much of that day, but I do remember the horror as we sat all afternoon watching the news, utterly shocked. I was especially appalled as we'd been to NYC the year before, and had stood on the observation deck looking out across Manhattan.
            I agree with DrBeat - perhaps it's because we were young when it happened, but it does not feel like ten years. To me, it still looks wrong to see the Manhattan skyline without the Twin Towers there, and I think it always will.
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              Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

              I was in my sophmore year of high school literally about to leave my first period class to head to my second one when the school president came in (with a small crowd of students behind him), said that there was something everyone needed to see, and switch on the small '80s TV hung above the doorway. I literally sat there stunned as I watched the first plane slam into the first tower. Not a single thing moved for the next 45 minutes as we were just literally stunned into silence.

              It was probably the easiest going day I ever had in high school. It seemed like everyone was just stumbling around trying to sort stuff out in their heads. I spent the beginnings of every class that day talking with classmates and watching our teachers gossip amongst themselves. Lunch was eerily quiet and at the end of the day, all the school activities were cancelled and people just quietly went home listening to their car radios.

              I'm in sort of a agreement with others above. I know it's been a decade, but thinking back on it seems only like a few years ago. I didn't know anyone personally in the collapse, but I knew friends who had family members, close friends, relatives etc in the collapse. I later learned one of my distant relatives (whom I didn't know nor met) was working in one of the towers when it went down.
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                Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

                At the time I was a tech for a cable company. I went to a scheduled call about 20 minutes out of town, spent a few minutes outside of the house to fix a problem and went in to check the TV. The customer turned on the TV, was skipping through the channels when the news cut in with the first announcement that "something" was happening in NYC with the towers and a plane. The customer and I spent the next couple of hours glued to the TV. We had never met, and rarely spoke, but at no time was I asked to head out and we were both stunned with what was happening.

                I do remember only running a couple more calls that day before heading to the office and spending the rest of the day, with most of the other employees, watch the news as it happened.
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                  Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

                  We had a groundbreaking ceremmony for our new call center. I was responsible for setting up our media trailer (work for the cable company), so I had the tv's going and all channels switched to live feed from nyc. Saw the second plane fly in.


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                    Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

                    Same as Beat, sitting in my 2nd grade classroom.

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                      Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

                      I was in 7-8th grade then, and I was sitting I believe it was my History class. My Grandparents at the time were retired and took a trip to New York City with a group of friends on a bus tour. They had many things on the agenda and one of them were to visit the World Trade Center and have a tour of the buildings at 8:30AM on 9/11/01 that morning. The day was so dramatic that I didn't even realize that I had family there until I got onto the bus on my way back home... it was then and there and I broke into tears and thought that my grandparents may have died. My whole family were waiting to hear any news, and we finally received a brief phone call a day later that my grandparents were okay and that NYC was practically in lockdown and it was difficult to get anything out. With that said, apparently their tour was delayed to 10AM instead of 8:30AM because of heavy traffic. It's crazy to think that I could have lost my grandparents, two extremely close family members if only their tour was on time.

                      I'll always remember 9/11 as the day of what I could have lost, and what others did.


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                        Re: 911 - Where were you? Anyone ever visit the Observation Deck?

                        I'll always remember exactly what I was doing that day. I had just turned 16 and had started at a new school.
                        After school (around 3 in the afternoon) me and my close friend went to visit our old school just to see what was up and say hi.
                        We went to the place where all the students usually hung out, when we entered we noticed that it was very quiet and we could see that the television was turned on.
                        One of the teachers said that there had been an explosion in the world trade center.
                        At that time I had no idea what those buildings were called but I instantly remembered seeing them on television.

                        The broadcast was live coverage from CNN, the TV-station had cut all other programming. We sat down, and as we did the other plane struck.
                        We could not believe our eyes and I felt a chill run down my spine. I realized that what had happened was really bad and that I was witnessing a historic event.
                        we called a friend who lived close by and told him what happened and went over to his place. We sat on the couch and watched CNN for four hours straight still shaking our heads in disbelief.

                        That was the first time I saw people dying live on television in any context I could understand.

                        I have never been to NY or the observation deck, but a friend of mine had been there when he was 12 years old. He said it was like he could see the whole world from up there.

                        I feel for the innocent victims and their families affected by this tradgedy, both during this event and the events that have followed since that horrible day ten years ago.
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