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  • Mrs. Cleo's Arch Enemy

    Lets see how smart this community is. Wonder who the first one to figure how this works.

    Even if you do figure it out, its still cool to get your friends with it. And for you dads out there try it out on your kids ;)

    Just follow the instructions, and be amazed.
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    Re: Mrs. Cleo's Arch Enemy

    its the factors of 9...every ninth one is the same.....we did this in my java programing class...
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Mrs. Cleo's Arch Enemy

      Took me a few minutes to figure it out :D Too early in the morning for me...

      At first I got innoyed then I finally saw the symbols change... especially noting my that my number's symbol always changed to the right symbol. Heh, not bad :)

      Unlike the guy above me I have only played something like this once and was never told how it worked (I think I was 12 or younger). Yeah I know the answers can only be certain numbers (as he said, the multiples of nine).

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