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    Just curious what you android owners think about this? Im an iphone owner myself so this really has no affect on me. Do the androids just have folders to put music into like generic MP3 players?

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    Re: Google Music Store

    Yeah, you can either drag MP3s directly to your Android phone in Windows Explorer, or if there's specific software for the phone you can use that (e.g. HTC Sync).
    I'm not bothered - I don't buy music on Itunes and I very much doubt I'll use the Google music store. I have an Ipod Nano which I use for music, the only music I have on my phone is stuff I've added for alarms and ringtones. (waking up to the Space Marine theme from DoWII is somewhat epic). I prefer to buy discs or MP3s (preferably from the artist, or somewhere like Bandcamp or Amazon MP3) and add them to Itunes.
    So, yeah. Not really bothered by this.
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      Re: Google Music Store

      Finally another option other than Amazon. Don't get me wrong, Amazon's latest cloud storage has been awesome, but before that they really screwed me over (in fact they didn't credit over a dozen MP3 purchases of mine). The nice thing is that I can store my music from my computer, to the cloud, back down to my android device and vice versa now. I don't think I'll be using another MP3 vendor ever again. They essentially brought iCloud to the android.




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