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The "teratoma is a horrible bastard" thread.

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  • The "teratoma is a horrible bastard" thread.

    The topic of this thread is whatever I happen to post OR anything people have to say about me.

    People should be warned that I may express my opinion in here, and that my opinion my not be theirs! :shocked:

    As far as I'm concerned anyone can say anything they want about me in here, I don't even mind if you swear. I give permission to use whatever language you want. Although the admins may not like it.

    If someone make a post in the general section and I have a response that isn't inline with the OPs opinion I will quote and post here.

    Everyone happy?

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    Re: The "teratoma is a horrible bastard" thread.

    Post 1. War is a bad thing.

    It feels good to post that without 'fear' of a PM from admins.


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      Re: The "teratoma is a horrible bastard" thread.

      The principle of this thread is gonna get it locked and deleted or moved to the admin forums. Making a thread where people can say bad things about you pretty much goes against 75% of the TG primer. That in itself says enough about you, without having to post negative things.

      I suggest you delete this thread before you dig yourself in a really deep hole.

      Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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        Re: The "teratoma is a horrible bastard" thread.

        The Sandbox is a place for discussion topics that are not appropriate for the General Discussion forum.

        Contrary to popular belief, that does not mean that the requirements for maturity, courtesy and civility are relaxed here in any way.

        This thread is inappropriate for TG. Period. There is no justification for a thread like this to be created. None.

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