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Aircraft Stealth Technology is a "Hoax"

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  • Aircraft Stealth Technology is a "Hoax"

    According to the designer of the F-16 and A-10, Pierre Sprey who is a critic of the much touted technology. Having awhile ago seen the 60 minutes piece on the two F-22 pilots refusing to fly the plane due to oxygen problems and reading recently a Popular Science magazine article about Chinese Stealth I was just curious on the subject. At closing in at $400 million a piece, the F-22 is the most expensive aircraft in the world but can't deliver oxygen to it's pilots and according to Sprey, can be detected by a Russian built $10 million dollar radar system that any country can purchase.

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    Re: Aircraft Stealth Technology is a "Hoax"

    Anyone smell Pentagon Wars 2?

    This is disheartening but I want to say more is a foot here.


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      Re: Aircraft Stealth Technology is a "Hoax"

      Actually I came across this;


      The reports are a bit conflicted but generally a it is a well known war game exercise that, after a sweeping 1st day victory by the 'asymmetrical REDFORCE' resulting in over 20 ships destroyed and 20,000 'war game' lives gone, was rewritten with a specific regimented endgame mandating a BLUE victory.

      The devil is in the details however and it appears that 'REDFORCE' might have 'cheated' with stretching the abilities of its force yet the war game was used to publicly validate the US military doctrine as sound and perfect and undefeatable. It is a very very scary thought.

      I'll lay it straight. The US military spending has skyrocketed since 9/11. Obviously, apart from supplying for the wars, there was huge money to be made in the areas of future contracts. We've seen how corrupt the military industrial complex can indirectly conspire to create a machine that is good at nothing and costs a whole hell of a lot. This is the M2 Bradley IFV.

      When the US spends on its military more than the combined amount of the next, I believe 13 but it is certainly over 10 nations, yet it has hard times detecting Chinese Submarines, can't protect its troops from explosive devices with simple up-armor advancements, and supposedly superior next generation aircraft have these following questions around them one must really wonder if our system is not merely a way to grant companies our monies through a 'banner' of 'for our troops' but a sub-motto saying; 'for my town'.


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        Re: Aircraft Stealth Technology is a "Hoax"

        Originally posted by TheFatKidDeath View Post
        the F-22 is the most expensive aircraft in the world but can't deliver oxygen to it's pilots and according to Sprey, can be detected by a Russian built $10 million dollar radar system that any country can purchase.
        The F-22's oxygen system is unlike any previous fighter that I'm aware of. Instead of using bottles, the F-22 siphons and compresses air from its engine intakes (forward of the engine, obviously). This is similar to complaining that since the 787 has had some teething problems, lithium ion batteries will never be safe for any airplane. It might turn out to be true, but we can't know unless we try. We still built the Large Hadron Collider, we still performed the Trinity test fire, and we still fired Ivy Mike. As far as it being the most expensive aircraft in the world, it's superceded by the F-35B, which as of 2012, was expected to have a unit cost of 237 million, to the F-22's unit cost of 150 million, which is not going to climb anymore, unlike the F-35s. Finally, hearsay in the aviation community is that even the F-14's AN/APG-71 (or AN/APG-9) radar might, under the right conditions, detect an F-22 (we already know that some SAMs can defeat first generation stealth thanks to the 1999 shoot down in Yugoslavia. The point of stealth is not to make an aircraft invisible forever, it's to give you the first shot, which you are supposed to make the only shot. If the only thing left to track the 22 is a ground based radar after it's done its business, then it was successful in its mission to secure airspace against airborne threats.

        Originally posted by Ytman View Post
        From what I've heard, Millennium Challenge 2002 is not a good example of anything

        1) Redfor launched Silkworm Cruise Missiles from Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats. Silkworm missiles weigh between two and three tons. High speed RHIBs displace between one half to one and a half tons. He did this from hundreds of boats, potentially as many as 2 missiles per boat. (I'm searching for an updated source to this, the one I was going to link is 404)

        2) Redfor assumed a 100% accuracy and on time rate for his motorbike couriers, at least that's the only conclusion I can draw from a lack of any information to the contrary.

        Bluefor, understandably, threw a tantrum, and then essentially required Redfor to follow the least ideal battle plan possible. Both sides "won", but nobody learned anything.




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