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In honor of obama's gun regulation speech

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  • In honor of obama's gun regulation speech


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    Re: In honor of obama's gun regulation speech

    Do some reading man. Get off the youtube. There are more than three pages suggesting stronger protections in our schools and still the NRA attacked our President's children with a direct lie that obviously many people will believe. Below is the verbatim suggestions regarding school safety.

    3: MaKinG schOOls saFer
    We need to make our schools safer, not only by enhancing their physical security and making sure
    they are prepared to respond to emergencies like a mass shooting, but also by creating safer and
    more nurturing school climates that help prevent school violence. Each school is different and should
    have the flexibility to address its most pressing needs. Some schools will want trained and armed
    police; others may prefer increased counseling services. Either way, each district should be able to
    choose what is best to protect its own students.11
    PuT uP TO 1,000 MOre schOOl resOurce OFFicers and
    cOunselOrs in schOOls and helP schOOls inVesT in saFeTY
    Putting school resource officers and mental health professionals in schools can help prevent school
    crime and student-on-student violence. School resource officers are specially trained police officers
    that work in schools. When equipped with proper training and supported by evidence-based school
    discipline policies, they can deter crime with their presence and advance community policing
    objectives. Their roles as teachers and counselors enable them to develop trusting relationships
    with students that can result in threats being detected and crises averted before they occur. School
    psychologists, social workers, and counselors can help create a safe and nurturing school climate by
    providing mental health services to students who need help. Not every school will want police officers
    or additional school counselors, but we should do what we can to help schools get the staff they
    determine they need to stay safe.
    • Take executive action to provide incentives for schools to hire school resource
    officers: COPS Hiring Grants, which help police departments hire officers, can already be
    used by departments to fund school resource officers. This year, the Department of Justice will
    provide an incentive for police departments to hire these officers by providing a preference for
    grant applications that support school resource officers.
    • Put up to 1,000 new school resource officers and school counselors on the job: The
    Administration is proposing a new Comprehensive School Safety program, which will help
    school districts hire staff and make other critical investments in school safety. The program
    will give $150 million to school districts and law enforcement agencies to hire school resource
    officers, school psychologists, social workers, and counselors. The Department of Justice will also
    develop a model for using school resource officers, including best practices on age-appropriate
    methods for working with students.
    • Invest in other strategies to make our schools safer: School districts could also use these
    Comprehensive School Safety Grants to purchase school safety equipment; develop and
    update public safety plans; conduct threat assessments; and train “crisis intervention teams” of
    law enforcement officers to work with the mental health community to respond to and assist
    students in crisis. And the General Services Administration will use its purchasing power to help
    schools buy safety equipment affordably. 12
    ensure eVerY schOOl has a cOMPrehensiVe eMerGencY
    ManaGeMenT Plan
    In the unthinkable event of another school shooting, it is essential that schools have in place effective
    and reliable plans to respond. A 2010 survey found that while 84 percent of public schools had a
    written response plan in the event of a shooting, only 52 percent had drilled their students on the plan
    in the past year. We must ensure that every school has a high-quality plan in place and that students
    and staff are prepared to follow it.
    • Give schools and other institutions a model for how to develop and implement
    reliable plans: The Departments of Education, Justice, Health and Human Services, and
    Homeland Security will release—by May 2013—a set of model, high-quality emergency
    management plans for schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education, along
    with best practices for developing these plans and training students and staff to follow them.
    In addition, the Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with the Department of
    Justice, will assist interested schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education in
    completing their own security assessments.
    • Help schools develop and implement emergency plans: Congress should provide
    $30 million of one-time grants to states to help their school districts develop and implement
    emergency management plans. But schools also need to take responsibility for getting effective
    plans in place. Going forward, Congress should require states and school districts that receive
    school safety funding from the Department of Education to have comprehensive, up-to-date
    emergency plans in place for all of their schools.
    creaTe a saFer cliMaTe aT schOOls acrOss The cOunTrY
    A report issued by the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Education after the Columbine
    shooting found that one of the best things schools can do to reduce violence and bullying is to
    improve a school’s climate and increase trust and communication between students and staff.
    Fortunately, we already have evidence-based strategies which have been found to reduce bullying
    and other problem behaviors like drug abuse or poor attendance, while making students feel safer at
    school and improving academic performance.
    • Help 8,000 schools create safer and more nurturing school climates: With technical
    assistance from the Department of Education, 18,000 schools have already put in place 13
    evidence-based strategies to improve school climate. These strategies involve certain steps
    for the whole school (like consistent rules and rewards for good behavior), with more intensive
    steps for groups of students exhibiting at-risk behavior, and individual services for students
    who continue to exhibit troubling behavior. The Administration is proposing a new, $50 million
    initiative to help 8,000 more schools train their teachers and other school staff to implement
    these strategies. The Administration will also develop a school climate survey, providing reliable
    data to help schools implement policies to improve climate.
    • Share best practices on school discipline: Students who are suspended or expelled are far
    more likely to repeat a grade, not graduate, or become involved in the juvenile justice system. As
    a result, effective school discipline policies are critical to addressing school and community crime
    and violence issues. The Department of Education will collect and disseminate best practices on
    school discipline polices and help school districts develop and equitably implement their policies.
    Please clarify that I'm not making a discussion or saying anything about the OP, something which I actually fully support, but that I'm responding to senseless and tactless lies all painted for a specific few people. What that video is is a trolling effort. Its an effort to garner the masses 'negative attention' because a small industry has an audience that enjoys being against the 'lame stream media'. I would not have responded had the effort been even remotely accurate and again I want this in no way to make it appear that I am disapproving of Ven's purchase which I actually support.

    Again I apologize to Ven for this and I wish to also say that my time here is done and also suggest anyone else who wants to spout these tactless insults do so in the Sandbox where such potentially volatile verbage belongs.
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      Re: In honor of obama's gun regulation speech

      Given the implied political nature of this statement and associated subject, I would have hoped that something like this would have been wisely started in the Sandbox. That being said, I'm disappointed with the responses from individuals who know that such responses are inappropriate in the General forum and are more appropriate for the Sandbox.

      If a thread or response to a thread may not be appropriate outside the Sandbox... then it most likely isn't. Wicks will likely have further commentary on this.

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