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GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

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  • GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

    The film will address internet culture and how women exactly fit in it.

    Reading some of the IGN posts clearly underlines issues with in the gaming culture in regards to women.

    Wow.. Women need to quit crying. Men harass everyone, other men especially. We use every derogatory and evil thing we can come up with when were gaming, its kinda like when your driving in a car and you get man at somebody. Its not personal, we just talk ****. Has nothing to do with sex, race, religion, etc.. People need to get over there own insecurities and grow a pair. This is America, were supposed to be harden to peoples bull****, if you can't hack it, move to France.

    Well its all about anonimity, people act sexist to get a rise out of people. Not that I am saying the behaviour is appropriate but everybody gets harassed for every reason in gaming. Honestly more often than not Women usually hold the power. I think that they should talk about everything and not specifically victimize women. I have had enough of feminist groups who think that marriage is a form of legalized rape and that we as men force women into sex and only abuse them and use them as a piece of meat.


    I feel like they may be reaching to be honest, you can cover discrimination in general in 90 minutes but I mean aside from people either being *******s or making sexual advances on women or sexist jokes there isn't much else to talk about, anything more serious would be too unrelated and would have to do with sexism in general and hate towards women, which you can thank yo those extremist groups, I have run into alot of women who think they are extremely oppressed and that men rape women, its like they say Women don't enjoy sex. What also worries me are the girls who cry wolf, some dress in revealing wear and get upset that men stare. Or the women who are very flirtatious and turn around and call sexual harassment when the wrong person flirts back, I have never been accused because I dont fall for those traps but I have seen it happen. The whole sexism and females being oppressed in any capacity as a whole is bull****, yes some women are oppressed, but in our society in North America its rare to see. Women generally have the power over men when it comes to sex....

    A nice one blaming the feminism for the porn industry:

    The popularity of pornography industry is a testament to women like you. The attitude that women like you have forced onto North America, make it so hard for a man to find a sexual partner its insane. North American women have the upper hand in every single way. If a man can't find a sexual partner, what do you expect him to use to satisfy his biological urges? Thus, pornography. And yes it does lead to more objectification. But that is one of the failures of feminism, the emasculating of man to the point where he has little choice, let alone finding a "normal" woman to partner up with.
    No they do not get the short end of the stick. In Canada women ALWAYS have power over men, because of nutsos like you. You cannot control what men think because you don't like it, is it okay for women to think of men as sexual objects then? Because I know plenty of feminazis like you who think that way. Genitalia isn't the issue, YOUR ego is. A women dresses in a sexual manner, what do you expect as a response? Ofcourse men are going to look, what are you a moron!? If a guy walks topless on the beach and a woman finds that attractive, its the same deal! Are you that sexually ignorant and one sided?

    We've got a long way to go.
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    Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

    I been on the forefront of many LGBT and women's rights issues and events. Its funny how much of all this relates. Its just not women, anything different about you becomes a target of harassment. I've felt my fair share of it all, hence why I feared coming out on TG. I feared that I would become a target off all this same harassment from people I considered friends. Luckily it was minimal. But I still run into hangups in random encounters, more so before I let anyone into my secrets.

    One your anonymous, everything goes out the window. We do have a long way to go, and I don't think it will change for a long time since people are protected in their way of expression. Which.. I love and hate at the same time.
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      Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

      I can imagine that the anonymity of the internet will actually go away within ten or twenty years.
      That is simultaneously good and scary.

      I think, personally, that article and the vehemently violent and misogynistic responses underscore
      the need for more work to be done within our culture to bring women up to the standard of
      'personhood' and not 'person*'.


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        Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

        It's kind of funny that people tell them to just mute the sound. I'm stil figuring out how to follow spoken orders as you can't hear them. :)

        It's a shame that this happens, but in games like CoD i can't blame the kids. It's a fast paced game that can be very emotional. Harassment is part of the game now.
        What people in general need to except is that you need to keep games and social things apart. This goes for men and women.

        Glad we stil have enough communities were we treat each other equal.
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          Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

          Originally posted by Bert Haanstra
          Harassment is part of the game now.
          What people in general need to except is that you need to keep games and social things apart.
          Just because harassment has become more common in online games does not make it acceptable. I feel it shouldn't be tolerated beyond the occassional joke/prank. As the saying goes: "It's all funny until someone gets hurt." (Or something like that)

          As for keeping the two apart, I think most of us do to a certain extent given how we have online identities that are unique and different from our real ones. Given how popular and integral social media is, I think it's nearly impossible now to keep games and "social things" completely separated as more of our real selves bleed into our virtual ones. We find new and interesting ways to connect with other people and gaming is a great way.
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            Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

            @Acreo Aeneas: should have typed that down a little bit different indeed.

            What i ment to say was that in CoD it's kind of standard. Lots of kids (puberty) play it and they feel that they need to get things out of there system.
            I never said that it is right, but as a female you should be ready for trashtalk in that type game.
            What people should remember indeed is to go to that point where it's stil fun and the other can also laugh about it.

            I do watch the news and see people killing themself because of harassment. It's a big problem indeed. Not only in videogames, but also on school and social media things. Feels like kids these days have it harder than i did 10-20 years ago.
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              Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

              I find it interesting that the point of the movie by many people has been reduced to being harassed in games like COD.

              I think in general its more about how women are perceived by the gaming culture and less about COD
              kiddies cussing up a storm. I feel that a lot of people focus on the COD example to claim, 'well everyone
              gets it, so its just the price to pay and that women are complaining too much'.

              Just because you have pronounced mammary glands and a feminine voice does not justify being told
              to send pictures or being sent PMs calling you fat and ugly or dumb and slutty. In many ways its
              not just about gaming culture but about breaking apart the male dominated culture that relegates
              women, and girls from a young age, to being walking breasts and vaginae. This movie, I feel, is just
              an extension of the general movement to create a concept of 'Personhood/humanhood' that extends
              beyond generalizations of sex and race.


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                Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

                re porn...

                On one hand you have women who are empowered and fit naturally in front of a camera.

                On the other hand, you have Sasha Grey licking a toilet seat, among other things.

                As for gaming, I just individuals, not genders/races/groups etc


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                  Re: GTFO : A Film About Women in Gaming

                  I've never owned a console, but I have played on them and been around when people were playing online, and the stuff on consoles is way worse than anything I've done or seen on my PC. I've only met a few girls playing PR and there were first the jokes about "girls on the internet? lies", but in my little experience it never went past just some light kidding which I hope everyone else thinks is fine, because everyone needs to be able to take a joke that doesn't go too far.

                  The amount of harrasement and trolling that goes on in games I think really depends on what type of game and community you are playing. From my time at TG, and on the TG public servers I've never seen harrasement close to this bad, and even in the broader PR community where some maturity rules are non-existent people usually use their heads.

                  I read a comment that said we should look into what type of games are inciting this behaviour. I guess the person doesn't understand that people can be asses in real life, and when given the internet that is multiplied by 100. Its still not right, and I'm sure there is some stuff that games can do to stop it, or atleast control the immarurity but in the end its going through the person's mind.




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