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  • Captured Military Dog...

    As a dog lover, and one of these handlers for almost 10 years in the US Army, and another 8 in civilian LE work... I feel for the dog... but what exactly are they going to do, is this news? They going to cut off his head on TV if we don't free other Taliban? ... I think that would just piss off more people, people care more for dogs then humans sometimes.

    If it had a GPS tracker, then why not just go bomb the hell of there hide-out or something?

    Hope the dog is just let go, will probably find his way back home.
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    Re: Captured Military Dog...

    I certainly feel bad that the dog was captured, but it's not like an actual human being, where it can talk to us and the like. But if they expect us to release any Taliban just for the dog, I'd have to refuse their offer.

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