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Boycotting Avis Car Rentals

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  • Boycotting Avis Car Rentals

    Alright so Ill start with a little bit of background information. Today my girlfriend, myself and one of her friends were supposed to drive about 5 hours to pick up one of their friends and bring her and all of her stuff back for school, which starts on thursday. The week before last we bounced around car rental companies trying to find the best price, and settled on one of two companies, Avis and Discount (local) that will rent to people under 25, and had available vans for the 3rd(today). It turned out that discount required a 500$ down payment on a credit card, and all of us having only CC's with 500$ limits (student) we couldnt rent there, so Avis it was. Nowhere on the avis website, in regulations or anything could we find anything saying there were age restrictions on certain vehicles, like minivans (which we needed), like other companies had.
    So on monday I make an online reservation for a van with avis, then call the local company to confirm, and also to add underage driver insurance and stuff. During the call I inform that woman that I was indeed 23 years old and asked if i could rent the van, and she confirmed that I could indeed rent the van, but said that any additions to the rental would be made on rental day, which was fine by me. I called again on wednesday to again confirm the reservation, but then did not call again because i was satisfied we would get our rental.
    Enter saturday morning (today) 9am. We show up at avis and begin the rental procedures, the girl at the desk takes my CC and drivers liscence, fills out all the forms and such hands me the keys and just as I am about to leave: "Oh im sorry sir, we cant rent you a minivan because you are 23". Im sorry what was that? I confirmed TWICE that I could rent a minivan if I was under 25 by someone who works in that very office!
    The girl at the desk wasnt having any of this, we argued for awhile IN FRONT of the manager, who refused to say anything. The girl then suggested she rent us another car and informed us the only car left is a Chrystler 300, sure ok that thing costs a mint to rent but ok... we need to get our friend moved today. She starts the rental then realises... damn its ANOTHER speciality car and we cant rent that car EITHER! So I grab my cards and leave at that point in an extremely bad mood.
    After I cool down a bit I am writing an email to Avis corporate about their piss poor handling of this situation, and informing them that I am spear heading a grass roots boycot against them until they make me happy abotu what happened. Sure they might laugh, and sure how many people can I draw into my cause... but I have to do something, we were going to pay them almost 150 bucks for a one day rental as it was, with those kind of prices customer service should be immaculate...
    Anyways, thats my rant... anyone else have similar experiences or anything to commeny?

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    Re: Boycotting Avis Car Rentals

    I tend to have nothing but bad experiences with rental car companies as well.

    I'm a service tech and I regularly fly all over the place renting cars and hotel rooms, and sometimes I think I'm on candid camera or invloved in some kind of customer service experiment or something. I think they want to see what they can get away with before a customer goes postal.

    The scene in "Jackass" were they wreck the rental car gave me a great deal of satisfaction, more satisfaction than any regular sane person should experience I think.
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      Re: Boycotting Avis Car Rentals

      I really have nothing against them having the policies in place that they do, my issue is with how they treated me when i went to order. They refused to even discuss the issue, even with a manager there, and then not having any vehicles there to replace my twice confirmed reservation, plus the attitude we took from the desk clerk... it was just poor customer relations.




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