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German students have it made....

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  • German students have it made....

    The universities say the cuts would force them to raise fees or close departments. While students don't pay tuition, they must cover various expenses, which currently run between $61-$245 per semester.
    Okay, I am sorry but I can't find any compassion for the German students. Hell, I paid more in books for a year than they pay for everything. Anyone else thinking that they may be spoiled a bit too much?

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    yes sir.

    I am a law student who is about to undertake a 3 year course at univeristy. i have been told by independent financial advisers that i will be in 40,000+ about $65,000 debt by the end of that 3 year course the way things are going right now in the UK years.

    i actually dont mind paying that as stupid as it sounds because i am a strong supporter of the Labour Party and what they intend to do ewith my money. they intend to give all the money that i pay for tuition fees and accomidation to the very young school kids so that they can have a better stab at life when they are young.

    over half of the male population in the British Prisons have a reading age of 8. thats because this is when they gave up on school.

    and although i say ill be in the debt the government is putting it in the form of a student loan, i dont hjave to pay it back for 10 years or by the time i get a job that pays me 25,000 per anum.

    the idea is why should uni students get a free education when presumably the uni education will get them a higher payed job.

    wow turns into a rant but you know what 250 a term is crap. i could pay that now and i have a pizza delivery job part time. jesus man what a crock of crap.


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      I do wonder how much of an increase it will be. I'm still not feeling too sorry for them, but my curiousity has been arroused. (spelling errors, I'm sure. That's why I teach math. :D )
      "Sympathy means a lot, coming from Kulmar. I didn't think it was possible.
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        some American flavor to college students...

        Students arrested after raiding university cafeteria
        The university is making the four students spend 20 hours helping the food service employees as part of their punishment.

        "It will be during the 'prime time' of the cafeteria," said Kaitlin Sjostedt, one of those arrested. "It's cruel and unusual punishment."
        Oh please

        20 hours of community service for breaking and entering and they have the nerve to complain about the punishment? If I was in charge of the students there, I would boot her ass out of the school after that comment.

        "Cruel and unusual punishment? You are right. You don't have to work in the cafeteria. On the way off of campus grounds, please be sure to turn in all school property and return your parking permit." :twisted:




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