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    I know this is going to be like asking what video card is best but here goes....

    I drive a 2006 Kia Sorento with 4WD. It's time to replace my General Grabber HTS. They've been great and I was considering another set. I was able to find a deal on some Yokohama Geolandar ATS tires. Reviews consistently list the Yokohama as super in the snow. The Generals were more than adequate but for about the same money I can get the Yokohama's. The Yokohomas have a more aggressive tread pattern and are designed for all terrain. The Grabbers can go off road but are designed more as an on road tire. They are a little quieter. The snow has been brutal here this year and I do use my Sorento off road. I'm willing to go with a slightly noisier tire for significantly better performance in the snow and dirt.

    Do Any Tgers out there have experience with this brand? My research shows they are one of the premium tire manufacturers out there and I'm thinking it's a good move for the price. I can get four of the Yokohamas for $530 (tires only) in a brick and mortar store. They are matching a lower price I found online and bonus...the online store offered free shipping and a $25 instant savings. All of which the brick and mortar store will match, beating their price by about $30 per tire.

    Chime in if you have input on the Yokohamas. Thanks.
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    Re: Tires for SUV

    Not much help with that particular tire, but years ago I put a set of Yokohamas on my Camry and they rocked- great in wet, snow, pretty quiet, durable. Yokohama has had a high rep for a looong time.

    You might have found these guys already, but tons of good info for comparison here: Tires at Tire Rack I'll put in a 'yay' for buying locally, however! ;)

    I didn't look up your tire size, but I was recently in the market for some 265/70-16 for my truck, and noticed both the Geolanders and the Grabbers, but went with Michelin LTX MS2 that I'd had before and liked. An 'on-road tire' for sure, but completely capable of the light towing and 'offroad' that I occasionally need. How much off-road do you really need? Are you really pushing yourself, because if not, I think that a real offroad tire is usually just more noise and more burned gas than necessary... (yep, I talked myself down off the lugged 'E'-class ledge when I bought my Michelins, lol.)
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