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Pope criticises the US

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  • Pope criticises the US 0031206ROM101

    Pope John Paul took a swipe at the United States and its allies Tuesday for invading Iraq without U.N. approval, suggesting they had succumbed to the temptation to use the law of force instead of the force of law.
    Should someone mention to him about the temptation of flesh, alter boys, and the Catholic chuch? :P

    Of course, since I am not Catholic, whatever he says means squat to me. Hell, according to the Catholic church, I am going to hell anyways because I don't believe the Pope speaks for God (please, he was voted by his fellow man, that does not mean he speaks for God). :twisted:

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    Was the Pope just told of this? Because we went in there a WHILE ago.

    For the record, Catholics don't believe that the pope speaks for God. He may be the literal and spiritual figurehead for Roman Catholics, but the only time a Pope's voice carries the weight of God behind it is when he speaks ex cathedra, and that doesn't happen all that often.
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      I don't want to comment on this, but I just wanted to share this link that I got from Pokerface's link: Infallibility

      I find it very, um, interesting.

      This was a very bad thread to start, Wolf...
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        Originally posted by CingularDuality
        This was a very bad thread to start, Wolf...
        Hey I am trying to help out. I figure a heated topic might allow people to turn down the heat and save some money on heating costs this winter ;)


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          i will say that i am not a catholic either and therfore i will not speak for or against the pope in saying what he said.

          i just find it very interesting that apart from muslims the second band of terrorists in the world are catholics.. the I.R.A i wonder if he is just worried that a war on terror is soon going to hit home with the Irish Republican Army.

          however as i said i dont know much about catholisism. and also the IRA are not a current threat so it doesnt apply to them at the moment.




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