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Appearantly Judges CAN Force you to get married. [Bring Humor]

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  • [SOP] Appearantly Judges CAN Force you to get married. [Bring Humor]

    So some people's fears do appear to have been proven true. In the United States, or at least Texas, you can be 'forced' (technically coerced) into marriage.

    TL: DR edition - A couple composed of twenty somethings had a fight with an ex-boyfriend. The current boyfriend plead guilty to assault and the Judge gave two options. Jail for 15 days and no calling your employer, or two year probation full of writing bible verses each day and marrying the girlfriend within thirty days.

    While this isn't explicitly us getting forced to be gay-married (THANKS ROBERTS!) it is a sort-of halfway-there mark؟ Maybe someday, after a gym brawl, the Judge will give two male offenders the option of getting gay-married to avoid fines or jail time. Might add in some transcribe-Quaran verses for good measure!

    Joking aside, seriously? Since when was it the purview of our courts to make two people get married - let alone two people involved in a violent dispute? People can say what they will about the SCOTUS - but dang I think its a systemic problem. :row__630:

    {OOPs about the SOP tag, don't know how that happened. If an admin could remove it whenever that'd be dandy.}

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    Re: Appearantly Judges CAN Force you to get married. [Bring Humor]

    It was a choice, so was it really forced or coercion to begin with? It was assault, so shouldn't he have gotten jail time anyways?
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