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  • Stomach Churning

    My stomach is in knots.

    Listen, all, I am new to the community. Iíve been feeling sick these last few days. Losing sleep and not doing as well at work, as I should. Iím stressed because I feel as if Iím surrounded by intelligent, but misguided people.

    I spent last night wide-awake surfing the net, looking for interesting articles and stories, and came across a video from Fallujah, Iraq. Itís 9 minutes long. In the first minute it started as most others. The US soldiers had formed a fire line and were unloading on a bus that was coming toward them, which contained insurgents. The bus caught fire. One insurgent ran out and was promptly taken down.

    Then the scene was surreal. The US soldiers ran towards the burning bus now engulfed in flames and pulled out two wounded insurgents to safety, and promptly started treating all their wounds, saving their lives. I canít imagine the restraint they must have, and how unimaginably scared I would be, in such situations.

    Iím reminded of the images and stories of wounded US soldiers and contractors that were taken prisoner to be only killed, or used as bargaining chips. Or the chinook pilot that was wounded after he was shot down, and was shot in the back of the head.

    Then I go about my business in daily life, only to hear how unjust and immoral the war is from all of my friends, and co-workers. The people whom we are fighting are victims. ĎMinute mení according to Moore. Dozens of off the cuff remarks are joked about, and said, and agreement abounds. Iím sure you all know what I mean.

    Then I read this today. My mind can't even make this stuff up.

    The commander of the 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment, Colonel H. R. McMaster, said insurgents "did just the most horrible things you can imagine - in one case murdering a child, placing a booby trap within the child's body and waiting for the parent to come and recover the body of their child and exploding it to kill the parentsĒ

    Please re-read the above quote. Let it sink in. Then tell me how itís immoral to fight against these people.

    Infinate thanks to those who serve...
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    Re: Stomach Churning

    Have you heard and seen the video of this story?

    That sends chills up and down my spine....personally, I hope I will have the same restraint on the battlefield....

    Don't listen to anyone that thinks these people are some sort of "freedom fighters" or that we are the bad guys. The injured insurgents we pick up off the battlefield get BETTER treatment and access to better medical facilities than a large percentage of U.S. citizens.
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      Re: Stomach Churning

      here's a link to the vid. 130 MB divx (left click, language and slightly graphic)
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        Re: Stomach Churning

        Is that the one where one of the insurgents makes it all the way to a phone booth/guard shack type of building?
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          Re: Stomach Churning

          It sure is. He did not survive the ordeal.

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            Re: Stomach Churning

            Don't let the bad news get you down Brother! When it seems all I hear is how awful the war is I go here for a few minutes:

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