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S.F. mayor sees wireless service as basic right

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  • S.F. mayor sees wireless service as basic right

    I agree. I also think that we should each have a personal jet, preferably at San Francisco's expense:

    I'm not sure that I want any government providing my wireless internet access or telling private businesses how to operate in this manner (you must build and maintain x # of WAPs regardless of how many people in the area have computers).

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    Re: S.F. mayor sees wireless service as basic right

    actually my city im in right now, Marion Indiana, tried that. the city was given 4 million dollars in federal grants to update and make the city more appealing. he used 2 million on a city wide wireless. marion is about 31,000 people mostly GED grads and hard labors. 15% have a college degree and that 10% are located on my campus..

    need less to say that the local cable company files for some monoply lawsuit cause they couldnt compete with free.....and the wirelss was droped...after he got all the gear and permits.....was such a joke....

    i think that if business are in charge of it, it might work. have them all have a certian radius and keep it going...not to sound crass or crewl but NO would be the perfect place to try this cuase its all going to be so high tech of a city after its rebuilt.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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