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The Queen of England is the wrong person

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  • The Queen of England is the wrong person

    On a program presented by Tony Robinson (Baldrick in the Blackadder series) evidence is presented which shows that one of the previous monarchs of the English throne was illegitimate. This means that all subsequant monarchs, including Queen Liz, were not heirs to the throne. In fact the current heir is living in Australia.

    "When Tony Robinson told Michael that, according to the research, he should be the king of England, he accepted the news calmly, then said: 'I believe that Australia should be a republic. I'm not a mad monarchist.'"

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    sounds like johnny english to me... john malkovich is the man :P


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      well actually being illrgitimate does not mean that your sons and daughters are not heir to the throne.. just released from the official secrets archives are documetation that said.

      if princess margret was to marry peter townsend a divorce she would have been able to keep all her royal status and it would not affect her chilldrens or her right to the throne.. however being that this was released over the weekend and the program you are referring too couldnt possibly have known about this.. it makes the point void.

      soo lizzy still got her buissy... is debateable as to whether this would have mattered at the time if people knew but i dont think it makes a shred of difference now.. or in the past 100 years. #

      and australia has had a vote to become a republic about 5 years ago i think and they voted to stay part of the common wealth and under queen victoria...i dont know what anyones problem is with the queen anyway. she has no power just status. she doesnt hurt anyone




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