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Dean and his Vermont Cabinet Staff (Politics and Race)

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  • Dean and his Vermont Cabinet Staff (Politics and Race)

    I thought this was interesting....

    Not the part that he didn't have any minorities on his cabinet, but this part....

    Dean -- whose native state of Vermont is about 98 percent white
    Talk about being insenstive to the minorities....having all whites on his staff for a state that is almost entirely white to begin with (98 percent)....what is he thinking about having people that actually compose of the state's race serve on his staff? He needs at least 3 people to on his cabinet staff of 6 positions in order to cater to that 2 percent population

    And minorities wonder why race relations fail to improve over the years?

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    Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, who is also black, took on Sharpton. "You can always blow up a racial debate and make people mad at each other, but I think it's time for us to talk about what are you going to do to bring people together, because this country cannot afford a racial screaming match. We have to come together as one nation to get past these problems."
    Looks like theres hope at least.
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