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MLK Speech by Hilary Clinton

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  • MLK Speech by Hilary Clinton

    Im not sure how many actually heard this speech but its kind of wrong and racist...
    Sen. Hillary Clinton on Monday blasted the Bush administration as “one of the worst” in U.S. history and compared the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to a plantation where dissenting voices are squelched.


    The House “has been run like a plantation, and you know what I’m talking about,” said Clinton, D-N.Y. “It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard.”

    “We have a culture of corruption, we have cronyism, we have incompetence,” she said. “I predict to you that this administration will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever governed our country.”

    thats the main part of this speech. On this site you can watch the video and read more.

    Speech video

    And on this one you can get the topic from the source news Link

    lets keep this civil and free from political bashing.....just remarks on this speech

    i mean we all know she is the devil reincarnated
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.

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    Re: MLK Speech by Hilary Clinton

    I saw the Daily show with a clip of this last night.

    As for "you know what I’m talking about” -> No, nobody knows what you are talking about including you.


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      Re: MLK Speech by Hilary Clinton

      You know what? I don't want to hear any crap about it.

      From Americablog:
      Slew of Republicans refer to Democratic party as "plantation" - when are they apologizing?

      If Hillary needs to apologize for using the word "plantation" to describe the GOP, I can't wait for the media to now demand apologies from:

      * The National Review
      * The Wall Street Journal
      * Rush Limbaugh Show
      * Newsmax
      * The Washington Times
      * Bob Novak

      Dumb comments are dumb comments, no matter who says 'em. So no Republicans acting like their s**t don't stink.
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        Re: MLK Speech by Hilary Clinton

        I haven't followed this, but I think it was outrage from the black people that she was addressing that is amusing here.

        Let's just say that she's not going to be America's second black President, OK?
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