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Oil for Food Strikes Oz...

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  • Oil for Food Strikes Oz...

    Australia has started inquiries into the Oil for Food program through the UN and discovered that one company, AWB Limited, paid Saddam $200 million in bribes in order to win lucrative food contracts via the Oil for Food program.

    What role did Oz Prime Minister, John Howard have in regards to the scandal?

    Originally posted by [url[/url] ]Labor's foreign affairs spokesman, Kevin Rudd, calls the scandal unprecedented in Australia.

    "John Howard is engaged in an exercise of saying, well, the government knew of allegations, but had no evidence, and so what do we do? Absolutely nothing," said Rudd. "And what's the result? Three hundred million dollars filtered through to Saddam Hussein; the biggest corruption scandal in Australia's history."
    Howard says "I did not know," said Howard. "My ministers did not know. And on the information that I have been provided and the advice I have received from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, I do not believe that the department knew that AWB was involved in the payment of bribes."

    Tons of info out there, curious as to what people in Oz are hearing about it as it's highly unknown in the US.
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    Re: Oil for Food Strikes Oz...

    We heard a lot about this a week or two ago. Now it seems to have fizzled out somewhat. If you'd like to hear more, look on the Sydney Morning Herald website (

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