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Saddam's Secret Tapes...

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  • Saddam's Secret Tapes...

    The Intelligence Summit of has been hard at work translating a series of tapes discovered in government offices, looking for any sort of information that could be used in the war on terror.

    Here is a 160 page powerpoint that includes such goodies translated as those below...

    Originally posted by Jaafar Dhia Jaafar briefing Saddam
    Sir, al-Haritha Station, near Basra, was one of the biggest stations destroyed during the period of hostility. We were thinking of using it for fission bombs and special bombs.
    Originally posted by Doctor Thamir Ma'aman Mawdud, from the Military Industrial Commision of the Theoretical Application Center
    We have built a factory to produce Plasma Systems. We have built a number of factories with Military Industry, who produced specialized factories for us during this time...
    Originally posted by Dr. Amer Abbas, Director of the Plasma Section in Atomic Energy
    ...After this, in 1950 approximately, it became possible, it was known, that plasma could be used to control nuclear fusion reactions, that is, control hydrogen bombs.
    Very interesting read and can't wait to see what they continue to dig up as they are still translating tapes...

    Lucky Shot

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    Re: Saddam's Secret Tapes...

    I'm glad it's an independent organization doing the translating.




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