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Reclaim Your Virginity!! (Holy mother of...)

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  • Reclaim Your Virginity!! (Holy mother of...)

    I'm sorry. I stumbled across this site and just had to share it with you. It has to be the funniest thing I have come across in a long, long, long time.

    It is a site for "reclaiming your virginity".

    Here are a few choice quotes:

    The VRS 3000 is state-of-the-art software which takes in factual information from the non-virgin, performs complex, rigorous calculations, and through a process called virgination, finds the algorithm needed to restore your virginity. Hard to believe? It's true!
    Through filling out a simple form, which will be processed by the VRS 3000, you will find your virginity.
    Orgasms experienced by recovered virgins are 200% stronger than those by non-virgins.

    After regaining their virginity, 34.8% of the users claimed that food tasted better.

    In Italy, where the response to SRV has been extremely high, the murder rate has dropped 23.7%.

    The death rate among virgins is 300% lower than that among non-virgins.

    After completing the virgination process, users' cholesterol level has decreased by an average of 12.4%

    The average household income of non-virgins is 34.6% lower than that of virgins.

    Newly-recovered virgins test 79.3% higher on the Rhouter-Stanly IQ test.

    Virgins are 86.1% less likely to get into hazardous automobile accidents.

    Hair loss is 45.6% less prevalent among male virgins than non-virgins.

    67% of all American Olympians are virgins.

    Mother Theresa and the Pope are virgins.

    Extensive testing has shown weight loss is substantially easier while you are a virgin.

    Donald Trump first started off as a virgin.

    I say HA.

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


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    The death rate among virgins is 300% lower than that among non-virgins.
    Some virgins are immortal!!?!?! HOLY CRAP!!!


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      yeah no.... just virgins are nonexistant below the age of 15.


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        I don't know how you found this site...

        Anyway, free virginity badge! :D

        - It's who you game with.


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          Donald Trump first started off as a virgin.

          Didn't we all??? :D :D :D

          I don't know what you are typing in your search fields H-hour...but you may want to rethink it!! :D




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