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Victory for Do-Not-Call List!

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  • Victory for Do-Not-Call List!

    The appeals court overturned U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham of Denver, Colorado, who said the list violated the telemarketing industry's free-speech rights by barring calls from businesses but not charities.

    "As a general rule, the First Amendment does not require that the government regulate all aspects of a problem before it can make progress on any front," the ruling said. The court also said there was no evidence suggesting charitable or political callers were nearly as troublesome as general telemarketing calls.

    The registry "offers consumers a tool with which they can protect their homes against intrusions that Congress has determined to be particularly invasive," the court said.

    "Just as a consumer can avoid door-to-door peddlers by placing a 'No Solicitation' sign in his or her front yard, the do-not-call registry lets consumers avoid unwanted sales pitches that invade the home via telephone," the court said. "We are convinced that the First Amendment does not prevent the government from giving consumers this option."

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    I think the do not call list is awsome... anything to keep those bastards from calling....


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      now if only we could do that for online ads... I want a 'no soliciting' cookie for my browser!

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        That is a whole other story in itself, as a majority of websites offer that to pay the bills. Would you rather have the website with ads or not have the website at all? That's like reading a magazine without seeing the cologne insert. It just isn't going to happen. It is also the difference between mass marketing and personal solicitation.
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