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tidbits of wisdom from tv show 24

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  • tidbits of wisdom from tv show 24

    I've been watching 24, the show with Kiefer Sutherland, for the past few years, and I want to collect bits of wisdom. Here is a partial list of the things I've learned:


    a) always have dirt on everyone, preferably something professionally damaging, so that you can coerce them into doing whatever you want regardless of their suspicion or misunderstanding (itís all for the good anyway)

    b) whenever possible, make sure people love you so that you can seduce them into gaining their confidence

    c) destroy evidence and then demand to see evidence of any wrongdoing, make counter threats

    d) cultivate blind obedience

    e) give backhanded compliments to people to distract them from things you are doing to them right at that moment

    f) be prepared to join sides with people who were threatening you a second earlier

    g) people will always do what you say if you threaten the people they love

    h) threaten people with violence right before appealing to their sense of justice

    Thereís more, which I would be happy to learn about as soon as you can think of anything.

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    Re: tidbits of wisdom from tv show 24

    If someone tells you to do something, do it right away or you will die (see: death of Edgar). Unless you're Jack Bauer, in which case you have to do the opposite of what you're told.
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