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Xfire bought by MTV Networks/Viacom

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  • Xfire bought by MTV Networks/Viacom

    As pointed out by Perry in the discussion in the Newly formed MTV Hip Hop Gaming League thread and reported in this morning's Wall Street Journal, Xfire has been bought by MTV Networks for a sum of $102 Million US Dollars. Share your thoughts on this purchase, as Xfire may soon turn out to be to Viacom what is to Fox (A social networking procrastination tool flooded with intrusive and often inappropriate advertisements)
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    Re: Xfire bought by MTV Networks/Viacom

    There goes the neighborhood.

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      Re: Xfire bought by MTV Networks/Viacom

      Just wonderful...MTv to Xfire is what EA is to PC gaming, it cant end well for users. Now instead of game ads its gonna have all those reality TV shows being thrown at us
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      that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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