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Worst movies ever?

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  • Worst movies ever?

    I was watching Bewitched (the movie) the other night. It was terrible. I started thinking of the bad movies Iíve had the misfortune of seeing.

    Hereís my top ten in order.

    1. Caddy Shack 2
    2. Ishtar
    3. Nell
    4. Howard the Duck
    5. Wild Wild West
    6. Waterworld or The Postman (your choice)
    7. Spice World
    8. Battlefield Earth
    9. Highlander sequels
    10. Baby Geniuses

    Honorable mention: All Batman movies except Batman Begins

    Do you agree? Do you have any others?

    Burning spies is cool.

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    Re: Worst movies ever?

    mmmmmm Howard Duck.

    Quality cinema.
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      Re: Worst movies ever?

      Tay inna win! Tay inna win!

      God what a nightmare that movie was.

      I thought Ishtar was ok. A friend and I took off early from work and caught Event Horizon. That was a stinker.

      My numero uno most hated movie of all time is definitely Titanic. And it's not THAT bad, but it's pretty bad and nobody warned me. The only scene I like is when people are jumping off the end and that dude hits the propeller. I was so bored I actually laughed out loud in the theater.

      Oh and Solaris is pretty lame. It's a chick flick disguised as sci-fi, and that's just not fair.


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        Re: Worst movies ever?


        =Synthetic Genetic Organsim

        featuring William Shatner's daughter in the role of Bonnie the receptionist.

        Or, Raging Sharks, featuring hilariously incompetent filming and editing, some of which makes it actually impossible to suspend disbelief (because it makes the movie impossible to comprehend).

        I'm still recovering from watching:

        Satan's Cheerleaders, a 70's horror classic

        and a Dracula movie, I forget the name, featuring a Dracula with a beard. I watched that movie on UHF sometime in the 70's and had the distinct impression that "this must be what they mean when they say 'pedophile'" because a bearded man with white face paint was REALLY creepy.

        I would like to nominate all 70's B-horror movies collectively as the worst movies ever. They had the singular power to suck the life right out of you.


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          Re: Worst movies ever?

          I don't care what anyone says - I liked Waterworld.

          Strange Days sticks out in my mind as being pretty awful.

          I paid to see Cabin Boy. *shudder*
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            Re: Worst movies ever?

            Originally posted by Sumluv59
            4. Howard the Duck
            Ha! This movie was awesome. Granted, I haven't seen it in over a decade for fear that it might not be as good as I remember, but still: Howard the Duck rules.

            Bad movies.... I could write a book, so I'll just list a few that really left a stain on my soul:
            Super Mario Brothers
            Alien Vs Predator
            Dungeon's and Dragon's (way to rape my childhood Shawn...)
            Anything with Kevin Costner.
            Big Mama's House... or anything with Martin Lawrence. He's an Eddie Murphy clone... with 1/8th the talent. And his stand-up sucks too.


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              Re: Worst movies ever?

              I don't know BF Earth has to rank way up there...the only movie in my life i walked out of. Yet it was my favorite book growing up. Now that I think about it, Starship Troopers was my favorite book too! And that was butchered! least they pulled off Lord of the Rings, thank god!

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                Re: Worst movies ever?



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                  Re: Worst movies ever?

                  Originally posted by RandomGuy
                  Noooooooooo! I liked this movie! I bet you hated Night at the Roxbury too! :row__536:

                  Two of the worst movies in my opinion:

                  Ghost Ship (I walked out of this one)
                  I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (My brother insisted I buy it, I hated it)
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                    Re: Worst movies ever?

                    Reign of Fire. The only redeeming moment was when Big Axe Guy leaps off the top of a building to attack the dragon with his axe that he carried the whole damn movie... and gets eaten before he can do a thing.
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                      Re: Worst movies ever?


                      "Better than CHUD" is an expression used among my friends to describe really bad movies. :D

                      Oh and...
                      The Pit

                      which would probably be worse than CHUD, but I think it had some nudity and I was about 14 when I saw it.
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                        Re: Worst movies ever?

                        Originally posted by RandomGuy
                        *slaps you up*
                        That movie has some of the funniest lines I can remember.

                        "I...became bulimic"
                        "You can read MINDS???"

                        "That damn Hansel...he's so HOT right now!"

                        *shows Derek the model for the school*
                        "What is this??? *slams it to the floor* The Derek Zoolander school for ANTS??? This building has to be at least...THREE times larger!"

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                        "That is a bit over average..."

                        "It truly is a sad day when three of your best friends die in a freak gasoline fight accident"

                        "I use brother in the way that the black people say it, because I believe it is more meaningful."

                        "Male models do exactly what they're told"
                        "No we don't!"
                        "Yes you do Derek"

                        "You didn't think I'd be a good eugoogilizer did you? I bet you didn't think I knew what a eugoogly was!"

                        God I loved that movie.
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                          Re: Worst movies ever?

                          Originally posted by Steeler
                          I paid to see Cabin Boy. *shudder*

                          Someday I shall be a Cabin MAN.


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                            Re: Worst movies ever?

                            Originally posted by SmokingTarpan
                            Reign of Fire. The only redeeming moment was when Big Axe Guy leaps off the top of a building to attack the dragon with his axe that he carried the whole damn movie... and gets eaten before he can do a thing.
                            I thought it was ok but it did suck relative to the buildup.

                            Same with Castaway. nothing happening...nothing happening...nothing happening...he's talking to a coconut...nothing happening...nothing happening...he's fishing...nothing happening....nothing happening...


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                              Re: Worst movies ever?

                              I can't believe nobody's mentioned Showgirls yet. I'd heard the stories/legends that this was the worst movie ever made, but just saw it this past weekend in the theater, mind you for the first time.

                              Of course, it was mocked by a MST3K-style live show at the allmighty Alamo Drafthouse (click link for 'their' trailer) here in Austin, so I'm still cool. ;)

                              But man, that movie was god awful.




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