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Say what you will about Bush - at least he takes questions...

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  • Say what you will about Bush - at least he takes questions...

    Not like our guy. First, he muzzles his cabinet, now he won't even talk to the press corps.

    I don't know about you other canucks out there, but I don't trust this guy. I'm afraid that he will energetically exacerbate regional differences for short-term political gain. I don't believe that he is really interested in addressing the democratic deficit. I think he intends to portray himself as the victim of Liberal (and liberal media) conspiracy (like the vast bureaucracy of Liberal appointees) to dodge accountability for his government's actions. I also suspect that he will make poor social policy decisions, in order to move the country towards some sort of questionable trickle-down economic theory.

    However, for the time being, we will simply have to wait to see what happens. Maybe (hopefully?), I'll be wrong, and he'll have a positive impact on the country. Time will tell.


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    Re: Say what you will about Bush - at least he takes questions...

    You Canadians are catching Americas virus. Don't know if there is any cure but time.
    Iím not racists, I have republican friends. Radio show host.
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