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RL video of Thunder Run...

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  • RL video of Thunder Run...

    Just sharing, i know it's not nice to celebrate death, but oh well...

    I read the book Thunder Run, (very good BTW, highly recommended), the video fits into the books stories exactlly... one of the Sergeants (SFC) just got out and I was his trainer for our department... he's in the book, and told me stories... incredible stuff... One of his missions, confirmed in the book, was to take 2 men and clear a bridge... 56 confirmed kills for him, ran out of ammo, saw it was to intense with 3 men, went back, got a Bradley fighting vehicle, (he's the platoon sergeant of the Bradley platoon)), came back and finished it off... bridge cleared of 200 plus enemies by three men, (plus 2 SF guys that came to help and got shot on the approach, injured only.)

    Needless to say, he was one of the back up officers to an officer involved shooting here, he was the only one NOT forced to go to the shrink.
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    Re: RL video of Thunder Run...

    Wow, this got my pulse going. I'm glad I do this in a computer environment only.
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