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The Insurgency (Frontline Documentary)

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  • The Insurgency (Frontline Documentary)

    I had watched this when it was released in February, but it only recently became available online/ondemand so I am posting it here. I recommend it. It chronicles the development of the Iraq insurgency with a good degree of accuracy. Of course, this was released before Zarqawi was eliminated. Watching this again with the knowledge that his organization has taken a major blow actually starts to paint a fairly positive picture of improvement in Iraq, at least in terms of the insurgency. If al Qaeda in Iraq and the ex-Iraqi military (anti-occupation) insurgent groups can be disabled or appeased and the new Iraqi government can establish a strong foothold, we may finally see the new beginning we've all been hoping for in Iraq.

    I thought I'd post the documentary so anyone who is interested can check it out. This link is to the video feed, but notice the wealth of interviews and supplemental information that Frontline provides.

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    Re: The Insurgency (Frontline Documentary)

    Very good piece. Thanks for posting it.

    What a difficult position to be in for the journalists. Having the ability to stop an attack or even provide information to take down a leader or group of insurgents, and yet maintaining trust with the insurgents. This documentary was well done, interesting and educational, but I wonder at what cost it was purchased. I can only hope our informant payroll is further reaching and more secret than we imagine.
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