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Ridiculously Impressive Lightsaber Duel

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  • Ridiculously Impressive Lightsaber Duel

    For any Star Wars fan out there, or people who just love lightsabers/swordfighting. These guys are freaking kids, but the choreography is better than in some of the episodes. I was so impressed I watched it twice. How they did the sound and visual effects is beyond me, but what blew my mind was that they were perfect. A flawless masterpiece of fan work that actually surpases some of the original material, when common sense would have thought it would just be a pathetic joke...
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    Re: Ridiculously Impressive Lightsaber Duel

    Saw this months ago. It's good, but I'm a much bigger fan of duality:
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      Re: Ridiculously Impressive Lightsaber Duel

      Very well done vid. I've only seen a couple of these things before but hands down this could be right out of a film. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. But that's stylistic, not artistic.


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        Re: Ridiculously Impressive Lightsaber Duel

        LOL That WAS impressive! All this video needed was a cameo from that Star Wars kid and it would have been better than Episode one.

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          Re: Ridiculously Impressive Lightsaber Duel

          I could imagine any woman who watches that vid would be moist with desire.
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