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More news from the Big Easy, and why the government...

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  • More news from the Big Easy, and why the government...

    I just finished watching a local news story about the demolition of houses in N.O. and surrounding areas, and it explained another bad descion by the government.

    The demolition of houses has begun in N.O. and surrounding areas, and FEMA has contacted a company from Virginia or some northern state to do the work. Well, the FEMA supplied the company with 4 excavators and 4 bulldozers to do the job. On average this comany demolishes about 16 houses a day with a team of 22 union workers. I don't know how much they are getting paid, but it is probably a huge amount.

    The other part of the story shows another group of workers from Alabama. 18 men and 2 women using equipment from 1969-1985 demolish about 20 houses per day. Another helpful thing that this group of workers do is schedule debris pickup for the demolished homes. The best part of this group is that they are volunteers(work for free, basically) from a Babtist Church in Alabama. One worker from the babtist group said, "Well we could work faster and get more people to help if we had more funding, but we do the best we can with donations."

    This story goes to show you that the high price construction firms might not always do the best jobs. Would it be a violation of the separation of church and state to contract these volunteers, and supply them with adequate funding?



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