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What do you think about fireworks?

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  • What do you think about fireworks?

    So over the last few days I couldn't help but notice a great many newspots on CNN, local channels, and also web-sites that are about fireworks safety, and to me sometimes even border on a sort of anti-firework hysteria.

    This is one i saw on TV, and there's the website. Sorry, I don't know how to make that a link. DO YOU think that there are too many fireworks injuries? Do you think fireworks are so dangerous that you don't use them, and only go to professional fireworks displays?

    Personally I think Fireworks are tons of fun. I'm gonna shoot off a whole boatload of them tonight. But I would never let mine or anyone's five year old child have any access to them.


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    Re: What do you think about fireworks?

    You need 15 posts before you can link..

    I like seeing them and playing with sparklers and roman candles, but anything much more than that and I steer clear. I guess my mom scared fear in to me when I was a kid by telling me a story about how one of her cousins, when they were young, being burned alive by a sparkler. So, yea, I like em and all, but I have a very healthly amount of respect for them
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      Re: What do you think about fireworks?

      If done in a neighborly and safe manner, fun!


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        Re: What do you think about fireworks?

        i dont mind other families in the area using them, i get pissed when its 3 am and they arestill letting them off. personally no i dont buy them, not because i am scared of being injured, but because i have three dogs who hate them, and are really scared by the whole event...

        i really hate people who sell or allow chilldren below the age of 18 the use of fireworks unsupervised... every year on bonfire night somepoor cat or dog is taped to a firwork and some sick little prick lights it... 10 minutes aone with anyone who does this i tell you what they would beg for a firework up their ass..


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          Re: What do you think about fireworks?

          Being a dangerously curious kid, I bought roman candles whenever I could come up with enough cash and my friends and I shot them at each other. I get as much of a kick out of the "Danger: Flammable" on the side of fireworks now as I did back then.

          They are dangerous if not treated with respect, and I'm sure that's where the problem lies. My guess is that for every sane person lighting fireworks, there are 10 drunken idiots. I know from experience that even simple little roman candles sometimes explode unexpectedly into a ball of flame, and I would strongly recommend against holding them in your hand and lighting them. ;)
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            Re: What do you think about fireworks?

            Roman candles do have an unfortunate possibility of misfiring and exploding in the tube (think about having your hand wrapped around a large firecracker for potential damage) which is why I never personally hold them. It's a low percentage chance, but it has happened.
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