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  • Technology Today and in the Future

    Interesting Artilce on CNN today about the role of digital technology in today's society.

    Somewhere along the line I found a quote in that article that said how digital communication allows us to say things we'd never say in public or in person with someone else. It made me think of the many spirited discussions found in this very forum...I for one think this is good.

    My wife can barely turn on our computer and check her email...I for one wonder how few people like her are left...or am I just biased because of my own technology use...I know one daughter, at the age of 3, can manipulate several websites targeted to her eg. barney, Dora the explorer...I think we are at the dawn of a new age...

    Please respond with your thoughts on where we are now in the digital age and where we'll be in a generation or three (ESP you IT guys !!)
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    Re: Technology Today and in the Future

    Nice find Grunt, the piece is a nice summation of sociological changes (or areas of change) in the information age. Lots of folks are researching these topics, and I think it's quite fascinating. Us 30-50 year-olds are for the most part late adopters. Some of us have adapted well, others are still stumbling through (difficulty adapting), while others have either conciously or unconciously not adopted much technology into their lives. I think in the long term, such 'non-users' will be few and far between. By contrast, look at how children today, and even 20-somethings have integrated technology into their lives. Many are dependent on it, having grown up with it always there. That's what the future looks like - technology will be expected, using the Internet will be as common as using a refrigerator. Analog television and the circuit-switched telephone network will be things of history.


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      Re: Technology Today and in the Future

      I'm 24, I got my first computer in 7th grade. The path that took me down landed me in a career in IT. I'm very tech saavy. Much moreso than most, and the goto computer guy for my family and friends.

      I used to be enamored with technology and had to have all the latest cell phone/PDA/wireless everything technology.

      The older I get the more disinterested in technology I become. I now only care about the few things that would seemingly directly help me in some way. E.g. I got an IPOD nano because I would actually USE IT, not because it was cool/new/hip.

      Offtopic, but I'm just throwing this out there: if you haven't chosen your career path yet - don't be too quick to choose something that is related to a hobby of yours. You might find yourself burned out on it.




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