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  • Hummer or Hybrid?

    Which is more energy efficient from beginning of conception until it rusts away. According to CNW, the Hummer outclasses the current Hybrid class in terms of energy usage and cost to society over the course of an auto's life.

    Here is the top 10, the bottom 10 and the hybrids...

    The Top 10 most energy efficient vehicles over their lifetime:

    1. Scion xB ($0.48 per mile)
    2. Ford Escort (0.57 per mile)
    3. Jeep Wrangler ($0.60 per mile)
    4. Chevrolet Tracker ($0.69 per mile)
    5. Toyota Echo ($0.70 per mile)
    6. Saturn Ion ($0.71 per mile)
    7. Hyundai Elantra ($0.72 per mile)
    8. Dodge Neon ($0.73 per mile)
    9. Toyota Corolla ($0.73 per mile)
    10. Scion xA ($0.74 per mile)

    The 10 least energy efficient vehicles over their lifetime:

    1. Mercedes Benz produced Maybach ($11.58 per mile)
    2. Volkswagen Phaeton ($11.21 per mile)
    3. Rolls-Royce (full line average: $10.66 per mile)
    4. Bentley (full line average: $10.56 per mile)
    5. Audi allroad Quattro ($5.59 per mile)
    6. Audi A8 ($4.96 per mile)
    7. Audi A6 ($4.96 per mile)
    8. Lexus LS430 ($4.73 per mile)
    9. Porsche Carrera GT ($4.53 per mile)
    10. Acura NSX ($4.45 per mile)

    Hybrid energy efficiency over their lifetime:

    1. Honda Insight ($2.94 per mile)
    2. Ford Escape Hybrid ($3.18 per mile)
    3. Honda Civic Hybrid ($3.24 per mile)
    4. Toyota Prius ($3.25 per mile)
    5. Honda Accord Hybrid ($3.30 per mile)
    The Hummer came in at $3.02 per mile.

    Lucky Shot

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    Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

    Think of the kittens!
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      Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

      I drive a Scion xA. It's interesting that the xB is more energy efficient considering it's not as aerodynamic (think box car), heavier, and has the same engine as the xA, as well as costing a bit more.

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        Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

        I had a tC and loved it, but in no way were those as good as the xAs or xBs as far as fuel efficiency goes.

        Now LS... you can't possibly be talking about the original Hummer, can you? I would find it hard to believe it's only at $3.02 a mile. The freaking things get 8 mpg. And btw... this is the last year they are making them....



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          Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

          Mainly due to the technology being new. It isn't necessarily the "hybrid" part that makes it so inefficient. The current state of battery technology is a question mark in their true viability.

          Also have to consider that they took demographics into the consideration. That could have had a significant impact on the numbers.

          Environmentalists also do not like the hybrid as is because there is no "plug in" option. The combustion engine is always necessary. That and the design is such that it doesn't optimize the fuel efficiency. It is a compromise between performance and efficiency. Some of the newer hybrid designs don't even consider efficiency, they use the tremendous torque provided by electric motors to make the vehicle very peppy at the lower speeds.
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            Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

            It was the H2 Hummer. The H1 was more expensive. Part of the reason why the Hummer was less expensive included the engineering costs, much higher expected duration of the car, disposal costs and replacement parts.

            Bummer about the repost, it seems Tybalt beat me to the punch. I did look ahead of time, but it snuck past me.

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              Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

              I vote hummer with a hydrogen engine.

              Think Arnies new little runabout big but nippy (or a move or i'll crush you kind of attitude).

              Personally Im sticking with my Audi A4 (Convertable).

              Who needs air Con when the roof comes down!!
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                Re: Hummer or Hybrid?

                Bring that A4 to Houston in August and you'll have your answer. :)




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