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Tucker Carlson interviews a Brady mouthpiece on Idiana's lifetime CCW

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  • Tucker Carlson interviews a Brady mouthpiece on Idiana's lifetime CCW

    And boy, does he make her look like a fool. The Brady Campaign, using emotion over rational thought and facts.

    From here:


    CARLSON: Tonight‘s “Under the Radar” segment comes to us from Indianapolis, Indiana. That‘s the first state in the nation where residents can get lifetime hand gun permits under a new law that went into effect this month. What‘s wrong with that?

    Nothing as far as I can tell, because the standards haven‘t been changed. My next guest represents an organization that calls the new law ludicrous.


    Elizabeth Haile is a stock lawyer with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. She joins us tonight from Washington.

    Elizabeth Haile, thanks for coming on.


    Thanks for having me.

    CARLSON: I don‘t understand, of all the people who commit gun crimes in Indiana, it seems to me you‘d be the least worried about the ones who went to the trouble of applying for a permit. They got fingerprinted and had a background check done. Why are you concerned about liberalizing the laws that pertains to them?

    HAILE: Well, what we‘re concerned about is shifting the burden from individuals who want a permit to carry a gun in public to law enforcement.

    What this law does in Indiana, it‘s the first state in the country and the only state to have a law like this, and say that now law enforcement have to spend their time and their resources to continually track all of those permit holders in the state, instead of the permit holders coming to them every four year to reapply for their permits.

    CARLSON: Interesting, Elizabeth. Let me—since you all are opposing this, you obviously know a lot about it. In the last year how many of those permit holders were convicted of a violent crime using a gun?

    HAILE: Well, it‘s a mistake to think that only good guys have gun permits.

    CARLSON: No, I understand. It was a simple answer, though. Did you have an answer?

    HAILE: I don‘t have information on Indiana. But I do have information on...

    CARLSON: Wait a second. Wait a second. Are you telling me—this is kind of blowing my mind here, Elizabeth. You are contesting this law. You‘re saying it‘s bad public policy, it‘s dangerous, but you don‘t know how many of these policy holders have actually been convicted of violent crimes? Wouldn‘t that be central to the argument?

    HAILE: There‘s no reason to think that Indiana is different from other states that have liberal laws granting permits.

    CARLSON: No, Indiana is the only state with a law like this. There‘s only one.

    HAILE: Right. But there are many other states that have liberalized their laws in granting permits freely to people to carry guns in public. In Florida, for instance, one state that has a law like that, over 500 licensees committed crimes after they got their permits.

    CARLSON: Elizabeth, you‘re not telling the whole truth here. Indiana is not liberalizing the law. The standards to get the permit are not changing. They are making it extend through the lifetime of the person who gets it. You don‘t have to renew it. But they‘re not changing the standards.

    Moreover, there are two states, as I understand it, that don‘t have any laws at all about concealed carry. One of them is Vermont. What‘s the violent crime rate in Vermont? Negligible. Negligible.

    HAILE: Well, actually, that‘s not true.

    CARLSON: It is true.

    HAILE: There are many states—there are many states that have shown that, if you give out more permits to people to carry that crime rates have actually increased or crime rates have not gone down as much as in other states.

    In Texas, for instance, the study was done there, which has very liberal laws on granting permits, and it found that 66 percent—that people who had licenses in Texas to carry, it was 66 times more likely for them to—their arrest rate was 66 percent higher than the general adult population. (this bold emphasis is mine. This is the kind of crap the Brady bunch does to put panic and fear into the masses...make up statistics.)

    CARLSON: I‘m a little disappointed—I‘m a little disappointed here, and with all due respect, at the shoddiness of the arguments here.

    Again, you know as well as I, Indiana is not liberalizing the requirements for these permits. It‘s merely saying you don‘t have to renew them every four years.

    You are opposing this. If you haven‘t even done basic research on how many of these licensees have committed crimes. I don‘t think any have in the last year. And I think that‘s not only significant; it‘s central to the argument.

    The point is, these are law abiding people, maybe the most law abiding in the entire state. Why aren't you spending your precious time and resources going after illegal guns and bad guys who commit crimes with those guns?

    HAILE: Of course, we are going after illegal guns, and that‘s one of the central tenets of the Brady campaign work this year. But the fact is, is that this law in Indiana, we only share the concerns of law enforcement in Indiana, which has said that this law will just make it easier for people who should not have access to guns to be able to slip under the radar.

    There is no reason for this law to have been passed, except to shift the burden from the gun owners themselves to law enforcement.

    CARLSON: I honestly think that‘s a reactionary position. Even though you‘re a gun control group, there are some liberalizing of gun laws that aren‘t a bad idea. And I think what you should—I think you truly should reconsider your position on this, and I hope that you will.

    But I‘m glad you came on tonight. Elizabeth Haile, thanks for joining us.

    HAILE: Thanks for having me

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    Re: Tucker Carlson interviews a Brady mouthpiece on Idiana's lifetime CCW

    Thats priceless :D. Nothing like tripping up somebody else's position.


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      Re: Tucker Carlson interviews a Brady mouthpiece on Idiana's lifetime CCW

      Just need to point that most arguements like this are filled with stretched out facts. They give you the right numbers but dont give all the circumstances. I did a research paper awhile ago over CCW and its effects on society. Its really interesting to see how much money it doesnt cost a state to track CCW members. And just some simple research will show that crime does drop even with the first year of the law being introduced. Also you can see information that shows only a small small percent of those members who have the permit commit a crime or have their permit taken.
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Tucker Carlson interviews a Brady mouthpiece on Idiana's lifetime CCW

        Indeed. Those 500 CCW holders from Florida make up like .01% of all permit holders, IIRC.

        And I'd love to know what fact she was trying to get out about 66% in Texas. She didn't make much sense there...
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