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Prez pardons for troops?

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  • Prez pardons for troops?

    Hey, I'm just looking for feedback and opinions, haven't decided to go forward with my idea, and I know it may become hotly debated...

    You know how, at the end of every presidents term they seem to pardon certain criminals/people, usually business men or white collared workers... just look at who all Clinton pardoned at the end of his time.

    Well I was thinking about starting a campaign for our troops, to pay them back for what they did for us... and I'm not talking about the troops that went over there to Afghanistan or Iraq, and simply killed innocent people for fun, or raped people...

    I'm talking about all the ones that have been the fall guy for political correctness, the ones that killed innocent people by accident in the heat of battle and not realizing who was the bad guys, since they don't wear uniforms and purposely blend into civilians, I'm talking about the prisoner guards who yes were wrong and should of known better but made harmless mistakes like making fun of the prisoners, having there dogs barking in there face, stacking them up naked etc ect... all wrong, and should of been stopped, but where were all the leaders, the sergeants, Lt. Captains... and why did none of them get in trouble, where was the supervision in that prison... how can you put 18, 19, and 20 somethings into something so serious w/o supervision or leadership...
    of course there going to do stupid things with the "enemies" the "terrorist"... were they wrong, HELL YA... but I think there dishonorable discharges, and not to mention there life's have been totally ruined, or at least made difficult because of there decisions in this war... but years and years of prison? hell, when they caught Americans they cut there heads off... didn't see troops doing that to the Iraqies...

    I think, and would like to organize a letter writing campaign for Bush to pardon all the US troops that did stupid things in this war, minus the out right illegal killings and rapes of civilians... the ones that screwed up because of young stupidity, peer pressure, and no proper leadership or supervision.

    You guys think that is fair, a just cause, or wasting my time?

    Kinda like this group is doing to keep the internet out of phone/cable company hands...

    CongressWeb - Name and Address Form

    Feedback, comments, objections welcomed.
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    Re: Prez pardons for troops?


    I've got mixed feelings about it. I think that those that are incarcerated probably deserved it.
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      Re: Prez pardons for troops?

      the ones that killed innocent people by accident in the heat of battle and not realizing who was the bad guys, since they don't wear uniforms and purposely blend into civilians
      Maybe an example of this would help because I don't remember hearing about anybody in jail for this.


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        Re: Prez pardons for troops?

        Regarding 'fall guys' - you're talking about the Abu Ghraib guys, right? I think it'd be tough to justify letting them off the hook without at least some kind of public information as to who they were the fall guys for.

        As for people who accidentally shot civilians - I haven't heard of any cases where people have been incarcerated for that?
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          Re: Prez pardons for troops?

          I'd say the Abu Ghraib prison guards would fall squarely into the 'fall guy' category, but wouldn't support pardons for them, because even though they weren't the only ones responsible for those atrocities (as well as the harm done to the U.S. and the war effort in Iraq), they were ultimately responsible for their own behavior. On the contrary, I'd support stronger accountability measures for higher ranking officials in the military, intelligence, and the pentagon. What happened at Abu Ghraib was not 'a few bad apples' but an institutionalized policy coordinated specifically to elicit such abominable behavior by intelligence units, coupled with general incompetence of the ranking officials (e.g. Karpinski) that presided over the prison itself.

          Aside from that, what other specific cases did you have in mind? It appears to me that the majority of cases of questionable conduct skew to give the soldiers in question the benefit of the doubt. But that could be misinformed.
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            Re: Prez pardons for troops?

            Do not waste your time.. They screwed up and need to be punished for what they did, they know better. Each person that is in the military is given countless hours of training to ensure that things like this do not happen. I completely understand if something happens in the heat of battle where adrenaline kicks in and a poor judgment call was made that lead to something bad. Soldiers are not prosecuted in court for that. They may be reeled back in or administratively punished, but they are not persecuted for bad judgment in combat usually.
            As in the cases that we are seeing on the liberal media, those are not in the heat of battle. Abu Ghraib, they were just plain idiots that were so enthralled with their power as captures that they took it too far. They also than took pictures and emailed it to their friends. Their superiors would have never told them to do this, ever. Granted their superior should have supervised a bit better, but they should ALL be held accountable.
            In the case of Haditha, that was a simple case of revenge by the Marines. They planned out the extermination of the people after one of their own had been killed.
            The rapes, theft and other crap, well that is just plain a crime in any culture. Let the Muslims deal with that and cut off a hand or two.
            I have only seen only two cases that were there were “fall guys” have been attempted to be prosecuted. One was the Commander who told her troops to take the Armor off some other people’s vehicles so they could protect themselves. This goes to a much bigger issue of the troops not having what they need in combat.
            The other case is where a pilot erroneously dropped a bomb in Afghanistan and caused the death of a coalition force member. The pilot had bad intel and he was 10,000 feet above the target anyway. He would not been able to identify the target even if he wanted to.
            I think it is honorable to help the troops out, but I think there are better ways to do that. Let the military justice system work and they will be found innocent.

            BTW, I have earned the right to say the above- I have 7 combat tours over there. Yet I never had anything remotely resembling any of the issues most of those idiot in the media are having.

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