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    Interesting article: Digg It
    Sega, New Edge Networks Ink Broadband Gaming Deal

    Arcade game operators to get turnkey service and support

    VANCOUVER, Wash. – (Sept. 27, 2006) – Sega Amusements USA Inc. and New Edge Networks have reached a national agreement for using high-speed broadband connections for powering network connected coin-operated games.

    Sega will package a business-class digital subscriber line, or DSL, connection from New Edge Networks as part of its new ALL.Net online entertainment platform and Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition game. Sega’s proprietary ALL.Net platform is expandable to include numerous upcoming titles, and is designed to help build a unique entertainment experience through player communities surrounding each of those titles.

    The ALL.Net platform and its games will appear in arcades, movie theatres, bars, restaurants, retail locations, and shopping malls around the country.

    Broadband connections enable Sega to monitor game availability status, download game updates such as new stages, weapons and animals, host national or regional tournaments, and allow players online access to results and rankings. The broadband connection also will allow multiple Sega games to share the line.

    “The broadband connection allows Sega to provide turnkey service and support to help manage the whole process for the operator,” said Ben Kadish, director of technology for Sega. “The operator’s livelihood hinges on ensuring the games are always working.”

    Under the multi-year agreement, New Edge Networks will install and maintain broadband connections at all game sites on behalf of Sega. New Edge Networks will also provide network monitoring, trouble reporting, and service level guarantees.

    Sega wanted a single point of contact for coordinating installation and maintenance of broadband connections everywhere and turned to New Edge Networks.

    “This agreement helps Sega focus on what they do best: build games, not learn how to build and manage complex broadband networks,” said Greg Griffiths, vice president of marketing for New Edge Networks. “It also helps Sega greatly minimize the cost and complexity of managing multiple carriers, different service offerings, and special on-site installations from city to city around the country.”

    New Edge Networks’ national DSL coverage area called BigFoot includes almost 10,000 unique telephone company offices that reach about 90 percent of U.S. business addresses. Where DSL is not available, New Edge Networks can substitute other access technologies ensuring 100 percent coverage.

    About Sega Amusements USA, Inc.

    Serving the North and South American markets, Sega Amusements USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sega Corporation, Japan. Sega Amusements USA, Inc. is an industry leader in creating state-of-the-art interactive video, self-contained merchandizing, and redemption game play experiences through the utilization of complementary technologies and devices to enhance player enjoyment and loyalty. Products include single-player upright video games,
    self-contained merchandisers, and multi-player attendant operated simulators.

    About New Edge Networks

    New Edge Networks, based in Vancouver, Wash., is a wholly owned subsidiary of EarthLink Inc. (NASDQ: ELNK). New Edge Networks builds and manages private networks for businesses and communications providers. Through its nationwide backbone network with about 900 switches and Internet routers, New Edge Networks uses any blend of access technologies (xDSL, frame relay, ATM, cable, wireless, and satellite) for providing broadband connectivity at any business address in the United States. Network options include any combination of access, network management functions, and on-site installation services. For more information visit or call 1-360-693-9009.
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    Re: Broadband Linked Arcade Games

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting!


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      Re: Broadband Linked Arcade Games

      It was in my mailbox this morning. I still keep in touch with my New Edge contacts, so they keep sending me the news releases!
      Diplomacy is the art of saying "good doggie" while looking for a bigger stick.




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