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Have you hugged a thug today?

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  • Have you hugged a thug today?

    Featured on Digg's homepage: Novel police tactic puts drug markets out of business

    So the idea is that, instead of arresting drug dealers straight out, police instead build an ironclad case against dealers using undercover work and, when the time is right, invite the dealers down to the station to hear from
    1. community and church leaders, imploring them to stop dealing and
    2. police, prosecutors and DAs who show the dealers exactly what they can charge them with if they continue in their ways.

    A "one-size-fits-all" solution, this is not. But it is a very interesting story nonetheless, and I would be very interested in learning more about this program and its consequences.

    And Tybalt should be interested because the solution is borne out of -in part- economics.

    Have a read, one and all, and tell me what your thoughts are.


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    Re: Have you hugged a thug today?

    I am impressed. I hope this tactic spreads to more towns.

    But like they said, its not a cure-all. Its probably not going to be real successful in major cities. So it all depends on the details.




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