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  • Webcam Border Security

    A brilliant and entertaining idea put forth by Governor Rick Perry of Texas. I have no idea if it would actually work, not to mention the political opposition to actually trying it, but I like the concept.

    Basically, here's the setup. Install hundreds or maybe thousands of night-vision-equipped automated cameras along the Texas-Mexico border, on the land of private property owners who volunteer for the project, and then broadcast the video feed to the internet. The result is easy access for volunteers to "lend their eyes to the law", so to speak, by watching the video feeds and then reporting anything they see on a special hotline to the Border Patrol.

    Many people base their border-control arguments off the concept that we shouldn't even want to enforce the border. Skipping that question for the moment and assuming that we want to at least try and enforce the border, this seems like an efficient way of doing it. It magnifies government manpower, because instead of needing to pay an ICE worker to stare at each of the hundreds of video feeds, you can have volunteers doing it for free.

    Where would those volunteers come from? The same place as the volunteers for the Minuteman Project. Its basically the same thing as the Minuteman Project--your volunteering to stare at the border for awhile, and then call the ICE if someone comes across--except you get to do it from the comfort of your own home instead of sitting in the middle of the desert for days on end. I imagine there will be plenty of volunteers willing to watch the cameras in shifts, and no trouble finding property owners to volunteer to host the cameras either.

    What do you guys think of it?

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    Re: Webcam Border Security


    ( honestly, where's my [/obnoxiousblink] tag? )
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      Re: Webcam Border Security

      +Rep to Wyzcrak for the funniest thing I've read all night.

      As far as the webcam system...I am actually surprised that the plan would only cost $5 million.

      I'm not surprised that someone from the "civil rights" movement thinks the money should be handed directly to Mexicans in the hope that they won't come here.
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        Re: Webcam Border Security

        First off, ICE handles interior enforcement, CBP handles border enforcement.

        But this idea is next to worthless. I'm sure there are some slow nights that this might be somewhat useful, but most of the time, in areas that are actually worked, the Border Patrol Agents are constantly busy tracking down large groups of illegal aliens, surveilling smugglers, arranging and aiding the medical treatment of those aliens that get hurt (the desert is a HARSH place), processing aliens for removal and then actually taking 'em back to their own country. And the BP doesn't respond to every little group of aliens, either. The smugglers are smart, so <I've decided not to publically post what they do. If there are still some stupid ones out there, I certainly don't want to be the one to clue them in on a somewhat effective tactic.>

        The public won't grasp this concept, however. They'll just complain that they reported an illegal alien and that the BP didn't respond.

        And that's in sectors that let the Patrol Agents actually work. In some places, Agents are assigned an "X" (on a map) that they are not allowed to leave. This presence is supposed to deter illegal entry. Knowing that smuggling organizations have radio networks just as good as the Border Patrols, let me know if you think an Agent sitting in his Bronco on an "X" is really deterring a lot of illegal border crossings...

        I think the answer is to beef up our existing system. Border Patrol Agents are well trained and most are passionate about their job. We just need more of 'em! At the same time, let's hire some more Assistant US Attorneys and more judges and build some minimum security camps all along the border. Illegal entry is a federal misdemeanor, so let's start prosecuting all of them! 30 days in federal prison camp and then a deportation should deter some folks. Illegal re-entry after deportation is a federal felony. Let's start prosecuting all of those, too, instead of just the hardcore criminals that come back. 6 months in prison should make them think twice about coming back after being deported. Oh, and speaking of deportation, let's start actually deporting Mexicans instead of offering them "Voluntary Returns" to their country. Illegal aliens from every other country on this planet (except the occasional Canadian border hopper) see an Immigration Judge and are formally deported, why are we still giving Mexicans special treatment and sending them back without a deportation?

        And don't get me started on immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States. Right now, if an illegal alien doesn't get arrested for some other crime, he/she is pretty much safe from deportation once they get past the USBP. That has to change...
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