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A Loss of Faith

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  • A Loss of Faith

    This story is causing a lot of talk.

    David Kuo might be the most naive person in the public eye right now. If I were the producer of 60 Minutes, I'm not sure I would have gone with this story unless corporate was forcing it due to publishing deals (may very well have been the case). His story about Bush basically failing in his promise to throw billions at faith-based charities is not surprising at all because every presidential candidate holds out various carrots to attract voters. This was a pretty obvious carrot. Except to David Kuo, I guess.

    As Leslie Stahl said - "it sounds like you are blowing the whistle on yourself." On yourself being a fool, that is. Kuo would have been better served claiming that he all of a sudden came to his senses. But to claim he was somehow hoodwinked by a president's agenda because it's political at heart - well, tell it to the newspaper 'Duh.'

    The only thing I did find a bit disturbing was when they visited an Evangelical convention of some kind and perused the literature that was being distributed by federal funded groups. It was all political, hot-button issues: abortion, gay marriage, even evolutionary science. I have to agree with him there - what ever happened to helping the poor? What's more important?

    I don't think it's just the evangelicals. This country has really lost its focus and allowed politicians to define the issues of the day.

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    Re: A Loss of Faith

    I think this will hurt the Republican ground game on election day, but not as much as the failures of the last few years. Just another nail.
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      Re: A Loss of Faith

      Specifically, Kuo says people in the White House political affairs office referred to Pat Robertson as "insane," Jerry Falwell as "ridiculous," and that James Dobson "had to be controlled."
      I don't see the problem. Maybe they were just quoting what other people said.

      "Pat Robertson insane?"
      "Jerry Falwell ridiculous?"

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        Re: A Loss of Faith

        I doubt that mildly insulting comments from a few White House staffers will have a real effect on election day.
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          Re: A Loss of Faith

          The release of the book was/is clearly timed to hurt the Rebublican vote. Will it? Who knows. I personally think that this book and press surrounding it (such as 60 Minutes) just furthers the political manipulation game - the very same process that it is criticizing (politicizing of personal/religious belief). Kuo is not helping himself or his cause.




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