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Saiga .223 Anyone have one or know about 'em?

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  • Saiga .223 Anyone have one or know about 'em?

    A guy that I'm working with is selling one with a 10rd mag, scope and rifle case for $250.

    I know nothing about AKs, much less Saigas. Anyone here know more about them? I noticed that EAA sells them for $250 new, so this doesn't look like too great of a deal unless it's in pretty good shape and/or the scope is pretty nice.

    I just found out about this today, he's going to bring it to work tomorrow and I'm going to try to talk him into letting me shoot it as well, so I should have more info on this tomorrow evening.
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    Re: Saiga .223 Anyone have one or know about 'em?

    Yeah it would really matter on what shape its in and the scope. Check the stock where it joins the metal parts of the rifle and if it's cracking or seperating and your looking to have it blow up in your face...

    Also check the the barrel for warpage and if its used I'd ask to shoot it Just to make shure mechanicly its working properly and isnt jamming up.

    Unless the scope is 1000 yard sniper scope I'd spend no more the $200-$250 but like you said you can get a new Gun for that price. Corse if its a hard case thats $75 right there not counting the scope.

    If the gun and Case & Scope are Good and it shoots well then I'd say go for it. If you have any odd feelings about the deal walk away.




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