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Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

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  • Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

    what a waste of money!
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    Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

    Actually that is a wonderful use of money. The best wealth redistribution system there is.

    Provide some completly useless (but nice) crap, overprice it to an extream and watch the rich throw you their money. I mean none of that stuff is actually worth the price being charged. That jungle gym thing could be had for 10-15k easy if you got local labor and bought the materials your self. Yet it lists for almost 100k? Whoever buys that is buying it to prove they can throw away that kind of money.
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      Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

      The robot is pretty slick, and the jungle gym is very very nice. But I gotta side with EGG in wondering why it costs so much.
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        Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

        Yeah, there's a company called Rainbow Systems that makes some pretty wicked jungle gyms for a MUCH more reasonable price...
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          Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

          jeeeeez... $100,000 for THAT!?

          ...and I thought the $90 I blew on this for my son's third birthday party last weekend was exorbitant!

          (heh.. though we did get our money's worth - our neighbor had a 'no-kids' party later that night and by 12:30am there were ~10 of us faded enough to climb in and go nuts... )


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            Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

            LOL, this thing probably will make kids more violent than video games will ever will.
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              Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

              ok i liked the race car videogame thing... and that was only 4,000... lol only....

              22,000 on a god damned play house... we converted my dads old shed that cost him 400 with stuff we either had or found to make a den... it cost 0.... maybe &#163;30 at the most... plus the shed... and it was cool... 22000 on a den... my god you have to be rich to even think of this crap...



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                Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

                Why does the gas-powered off-road children's car have a tape deck? All the kids at the age range intended were born a little more recently than that.
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                  Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

                  As I look at all that stuff, I gotta wonder what those companies' liability insurance bills must look like!
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                    Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies

                    What?.. No Battlewalker?

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                      Re: Big Toys for Spoiled Kiddies


                      Why god why..... Thats what they will scream as there Kids never learn the value of money and spend the rest of thier lives tapping their parents for cash.

                      I have a 6ft statue in my basment of Sam Fisher (another time) and that looks better then that rubbish Batman.

                      You can even get a lifesize batman for $1,000 and it looks awsome.
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