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  • I'm bagged out!

    I'm in the grocery store today buying my lunch and the man in front of me is purchasing a pack of gum. The cashier rings him up and puts the gum in a plastic bag! No one seemed to bat an eye. The man walks out with his plastic bag. So the cashier rings me up and is in the process of bagging my lunch and I tell her that I don't need a bag as I'll carry it, less a bag.

    Now, I'm as wasteful as the next American. I've bagged thousands of times on the most minuscule of items and the vast majority of those bags have ended up in the land fill or in the Pacific Ocean choking some seagull.

    So at what point does one say enough is enough on the American bagging culture?
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    Re: I'm bagged out!

    I draw the line at tea. I never bag tea. In fact I think we have a rule against that here.

    In all serious, it's an uphill battle. Especially when you consider all the other sources of waste packaging we consume, and then dispose of every day. Next time you go to the deli, watch how many sheets of paper they use to make and serve your sandwich. 1 to hold the ingredients, 1 as a prep area and first layer wrap, then 2 for each half of the sandwich, then plastic bag, tape, and label. In 15 minutes all of that will be in the trash. Depressing really.

    Don't even get me started on individually wrapped cheese slices.
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      Re: I'm bagged out!

      I accepted a bag for my sandwich and kinder bueno today despite having a perfectly functional bag in my other hand. I feel bad now.


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        Re: I'm bagged out!

        I'm not sure about down in the U.S. or elsewhere, but up here in Canada, some of the grocery retailers have gotten into the practice of charging you for every bag you use (5 cents, i think). Now, they don't ram it down your throat, they simply ask you if you want bags, and if you do, how many and that you have to pay for them. It's surprising how many people you see leaving without stuff bagged, or in bags they brought themselves.

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          Re: I'm bagged out!

          Originally posted by HatefullSix View Post
          I'm not sure about down in the U.S. or elsewhere, but up here in Canada, some of the grocery retailers have gotten into the practice of charging you for every bag you use (5 cents, i think). Now, they don't ram it down your throat, they simply ask you if you want bags, and if you do, how many and that you have to pay for them. It's surprising how many people you see leaving without stuff bagged, or in bags they brought themselves.
          I bought reuseable bags. At Maxi's, they don't charge you if you use their bags, but if you bring your own, you get 5¢ off per bag.

          40 years ago, my Mom used to make her own grocery bags (to avoid the infamous paper bags). I guess they're making a comeback :)


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            Re: I'm bagged out!

            I always use the self-checkout so I can try to set new personal records of how many things I can cram into a couple bags. I can usually get around 20-25 lbs of items (as long as they're heavy and smaller) into a typical plastic bag.


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              Re: I'm bagged out!

              I constantly request 'No bags, please' at virtually every retail establishment I frequent. Even that is an uphill battle. Oftentimes the clerk has already bagged my two magazines - they seem to be adept at bagging quickly. After my request, the teller invariably gives me a sideways confused glance, sighs or delivers a sarcastic remark, then takes his/her time removing my items.
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                Re: I'm bagged out!

                My wife's cousing pronounces bag as "big"...she's a blast at parties.


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                  Re: I'm bagged out!

                  Gosh I've never had such bag-related difficulties. When I don't want a bag, I say "I don't need a bag, thanks" and that's pretty much been it. If the cashier or the bagger has ever responded with anything other than bored compliance, I haven't noticed or cared.


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                    Re: I'm bagged out!

                    Another funny thing is my wife's cousin pronounces big as "big" so when she trys to say I'd like to have a big bag she says big big.


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                      Re: I'm bagged out!

                      Depends on where in the US you live FKD. Some states charge $0.05 to $0.20 for a plastic or paper bag for smaller items. When it comes down to it, it's up to each consumer to be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, most have the "free" mentality. So if they're given the bag at "no extra charge", then they'll take it.

                      What it comes down to is money. That's why some states charge you for bags and is visible in some disguise (service fee, "taxes", etc.) on the receipt.

                      I don't ever want a bag unless I can't carry the item(s). Besides, I usually have my backpack. It's better than plastic grocery bags :p
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                        Re: I'm bagged out!

                        If I only have an item or two that I can easily carry on my own, the cashiers at the grocery store I go to here ask if I want a bag, and I tell them no. Elsewhere, if I'm quick enough I tell them I don't need a bag, but if they get it in the bag before I can comment I just take it and go. These workers, like those at fast food places, tend to be robots and have a set routine. Disturb said routine (such as ordering no onions on a sandwich that usually comes with onions), and things suddenly take five times as long as normal, and there's a chance of things nearby catching fire.
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                          Re: I'm bagged out!

                          Why do you begrudge the plastic bag industry so? I say double bag everything.

                          Consider the following:
                          1) Thousands of people are employed by the plastic bag industry every year. Using bags will help feed their children.
                          2) We have plenty of plastic for the next generation.
                          3) We have plenty of landfill space.
                          4) Seagulls too stupid to fight their way out of a plastic bag will be removed from the gene pool leaving more food for the smarter gulls. We can actually help make their species stronger.


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                            Re: I'm bagged out!

                            This thread has the potential for some really good conversation about the evolution of two civilizations and their similarities and differences. Particularly with their mentality of being frugal and economical.

                            I believe the topic of bringing in bags to be used and reused at the grocery store more so in Canada and less so in U.S.A is a microcosm in the two cultures fundamental belief system in preventing waste and beging more economical.

                            Keep in mind; the basis of this discussion assumes that Canada is more economical at the individual level and indeed all the way up to the highest form of government. From what I understand America is not very frugal with their resources.

                            This debate also assumes that having less bags produced:
                            1. lowers the price of goods at the store
                            2. decreases litter
                            3. takes up less space in the land feels
                            4. Uses less natural resources such as wood and uhh, whatever makes plastic.
                            5. If imported resources, lowers the countries need to be dependent on other nations for resources.
                            6. other

                            Keep in mind this list is of perhaps one example in many with the two countries philosophies in being economical.

                            I’ll first give a personal account on this topic.

                            I worked at FoodLion in the summer of 1995 to 1996 in Roanoke VA, almost exclusively as a bagger. During that time a very very small amount of customers would bring their own bags. In fact, I had no idea what they were. I was sort of like, “Ohhh.”
                            Off hand I would say 99.90% would not bring their own bags in. Granted, the type of people who would do this sort of thing would most likely shop at more of “green” type of store with more organic products.

                            1. Now for my first question.

                            Is Canada and America the two countries that share more similarities (cultural and historical) than they do with other countries? I believe so from the American point of view. However, Canada my believe they resemble more of a Western Europe cultural closeness, but would agree that historically, more of an American similarity.

                            What I mean by more of an historical similarity is the colonization of the new world up into the Modern period. Frugality was paramount when pioneering and developing the new world. For both nations, this mentality would be crucial as Western expansion and development stopped at the Pacific Ocean.

                            So America has more similarities culturally and historically with Canada than any other country. Yes/No
                            So Canada has less cultural similarities, and more historically similarities with America than any other country Yes/No.

                            If we are to assume that Canada is Americas closes species, then what caused the sudden change in civilizations that caused the two civilizations to have behave differently frugality wise?

                            Both countries have the resources and money to afford things and are not poor. Why does Canada appear to be more frugal?

                            A lot of people today may say, yeah America sucks, they use up nearly all the resources but they only have 300 million citizens.

                            I would have them know that at one point America knew how to get the job done on being conservative with its resources and being very frugal.

                            Take the Protestant Work Ethic. America did not create this, but by grannies they put it on the map with the colonization of what is today is the New England region of America.
                            “Waste not, want not.” A sound axiom, IMO. During these times if this were not done, starvation and hard times were on its way.

                            However, clearly both societies became laxed and laxed in this endeavor as their nations became more sound and the fundamental (shelter, food, comfort) were had by nearly all). America, IMO way more laxed than Canada.

                            I believe that any human any civilization will grow stagnant during good times and lax on their frugality that got them their in the first place. With the last 60 years of technology and good times for the two countries this is to be expected.

                            IMO, what really made America check out on all nations that it had similarities with it was WWII. While this war devastated Europe, it only made America stronger! So while these countries were reconstructing their infrastructure and food productions and loads of other stuff, America was letting the good times roll.

                            The mentality of “waste not want not” was rekindled in Europe and a whole new generation was taught this philosophy. (European baby boomers).
                            Meanwhile, the commercialization and “consumer” society of goods and resources came to fruition with America’s baby boomer generation.

                            2. So my next question is. How did Canada fair after WWII economically? Was their economy having a serge like in America? Did they resemble more of that of Europe? What?

                            After getting some feedback, I’ll weigh in and what not.
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                              Re: I'm bagged out!

                              I believe the main reason behind Canada's apparent frugality, is it's larger number of immigrants and their immediate decendants, in comparison to the U.S. Most of these immigrants come here with essentially nothing. It's not uncommon in larger metro area (i.e: Toronto, Vancouver, etc.) to see several generations, and possiblely several families living in the same domicile. This is main due to "having to make ends meet". They simply must share resources to just be able to exsist. I believe this leeds to, some would say excessive, frugality, which is simply carried through the generations more from habit an enviromental conditioning that from financial circumstances. I believe this was the case 50-60yrs ago, and is still the case today.

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